Alexander Hamilton Musical Tickets on Broadway

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Alexander Hamilton Musical Tickets on Broadway

Hamilton Musical on Broadway

Have you heard about Hamilton before? If you are Native American, there is no way that you don’t know about him.

Hamilton Musical is indeed the musical which tells the story of a man by the name Alexander Hamilton.

This person played a really big role for America. You can say the America you see today is all because of his efforts in the past. He is a legendary statesman of America.

Don’t you want to know how his life is? All can be seen in the musical. If you are curious about it, there is a bunch of chances for its musical this year.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Since we are going to talk about the musical entitled Hamilton, it would be appropriate if we talk about who the writer is.

Hamilton is a musical with music, lyrics, and book in which all of them are written by a man named Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Miranda was born in Manhattan, New York City (NYC) on January 16, 1980 and was raised in the neighborhood of Inwood.

He took a liking to composing jingles, like the one he helped to make for Eliot Spitzer’s campaign in 2006. He graduated from Hunter College High School.

He then attended to Wesleyan University during which he became the co-founder of the hip-hop comedy troupe known by the name Freestyle Love Supreme.

In 1999, he began to write the draft of his famous musical work entitled In the Heights. Through his college life, he has been writing and directing various musicals at Wesleyan too.

He graduated from the University in 2002 and had been acting in various productions of musical, Shakespeare, etc.

His work on In the Heights which he had been doing since 2000 has been quite a hit.

Hamilton Musical

After the success of his hit Broadway show in the Heights, Miranda took a vacation. While in his trip, he was reading a biography and decided to read the one entitled Alexander Hamilton, which was written by Ron Chernow.

Since then, he had been envisioning the life of Hamilton. He then found that the musical of Hamilton’s life had already been done on Broadway in 1917.

After that, he decided to work on The Hamilton Mixtape, which is a rap album of Hamilton. This is how he began to work on Hamilton as his next big project.

The first song of the album is said to be the rough version of “Alexander Hamilton” which was known as Hamilton’s opening number at the White House Evening of Poetry, Music, and the Spoken Word.

Hamilton (Musical) finally made its debut off-Broadway in February 2015, precisely at The Public Theater. However, it was moved on Broadway at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in August 2015.

Hamilton (Musical) made a great hit and had been receiving many compliments since that time. Not to mention, it got more than one award so far.

Hamilton Album

If there is musical, you might have been expecting to see the album. Well, of course, there is the official companion album to the Hamilton (Musical) in 2015.

Going by the same title, Hamilton was first released on October 16, 2015. It was then released in digital on September 25, 2015.


The genre of this album includes Broadway Cast Recording, rap, and R&B/hip-hop.


Labeled by Atlantic Records, this album was produced by Bill Sherman, Alex Lacamoire, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Ahmir Thompson as well as Tarik Trotter from The Roots.


Need to be known, Hamilton (Album) was so popular at the time of its first release. What’s more? It got the largest first-week sales for the digital cast album.

No wonder, it is the one that it got the highest selling Broadway cast album of 2015. The popularity of this album was so great that it even became the number one of the Rap Album chart.

It was considered to be the first cast album that was capable of doing such thing. The album has two discs, each with 23 songs. In other words, there are 46 songs in total in its track list.

The Upcoming Hamilton on Broadway

Alexander Hamilton is one of the founding fathers of America. He was an orphan since 11. However, he did grow to become a politician and contributed significantly for the sake of the nation.

That is why many people are eager to see how his life is portrayed through musical shows. You don’t have to ask when this musical will start on the stage. To tell you the truth, it has currently been going on.

The upcoming musical itself will only take place in three different locations.

1. New York City

From today till January 29, 2017, you can see this musical only at Richard Rodgers Theater in New York, NY.

2. Chicago

From September 27, 2016 until January 15, 2017, it is scheduled to take place at The PrivateBank Theater in Chicago, IL.

3. Los Angeles

Moreover, from August 12, 2017 until December 30, 2017, you will be able to see it at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

Although there are only three of them, you can consider one of those that you can be sure to attend to.

Schedule of Hamilton Shows and the Tickets

Speaking about the schedule, we have included all information needed for you to choose the date you can be sure to come to see the musical alive in one of the scheduled places.

Tour dates, Venues, and Seating Chart

The tour dates, show times, events, venues, and seating chart are all there for you to look at and consider.

Although there isn’t any schedule yet for this musical to be held in other places, like Washington DC or the others, it’s not like you can see it at all this year.

Just try to consider those three scheduled areas and you should be able to realize your wish to see this musical.

Running Time

Usually, it would take 2 hours and 20 minutes, including intermission for this musical’s running time. So, you will get pretty much time to see the musical there.

This musical will begin to play at the different time in different date, though, so make sure to read them carefully. 

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