Beautiful on Broadway - The Carole King Musical Tickets

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Beautiful on Broadway – The Carole King Musical Tickets

beautiful the carole king musical show

Have you ever seen biographical musical before? It is interesting to see someone’s life being portrayed in musical work, you know. There is no way that you would be bored while you see it.

If you want a recommendation, we would suggest you look at Carole King Musical this year. Yes, it is the musical which tells the early life and career of Carole King who is known as the most successful female songwriter.

It was a rocky road that she had been gone through before she reached stardom. So, her early life and career are interesting to look at.

Carol Joan Klein

Did you know? Carol Joan Klein is the birth name of Carole King. She was born on February 9, 1942 in Manhattan, New York City (NYC) to Eugenia (nee Cammer) and Sidney N. Klein.

Although she was born in Manhattan, she was raised in Brooklyn. She has shown her interest in music since she was just four years old.

She learnt piano and made her first performance when she was 8. In the 1950s, she finally changed her birth name to Carole King. It was during her high school time that she formed a band, the Co-Sines and made demo records.

At Queens College, she met with Gerry Goffin and married with him when she was 17 years old in August 1959 on Long Island.

Together with her husband, King left college and did daytime jobs. At the evening, they would write songs together.

After making a hit, they left the daytime jobs and focused more on writing songs. However, although many songs had been made, they weren’t sold that much.

In 1968, Goffin and King were divorced too. However, King had not yet to give up on her career, so she tried to reactivate it.

A Song Entitled “Beautiful.”

Among the songs produced by Carole King, there is one entitled “Beautiful” which is part of the award winning-album Tapestry in 1971.

This song is very popular. It was released precisely on February 10, 1971 with soft rock as its genre.

Labeled by Ode and A&M, this song was produced by Lou Adler at that time with King as its writer, of course.

To tell you the truth, King wrote this song spontaneously based on her realization while she was riding New York City Subway. Since it is spontaneous work, King realized that the song lacked some things.

Even so, it does not seem to be that much problem for everyone. Rather, many people would like to complement its lyrics.

Tapestry album is regarded as the type that conveys the importance of self-esteem and positive outlook.

This song itself tries to describe beauty as something you would see inside. It tells that it is not about the appearance that counts.

This is true, anyway. Since it carries meaningful lyrics, no wonder many people seem to take a liking to it. Of course, it is part of what makes the album makes its hit.

Beautiful: the Carole King Musical

This musical is what you will be sure to see this year. It is a jukebox musical based on a book written by Douglas McGrath which tells King’s early life and career.

The Premiere at San Francisco

It has its premiere on October 8, 2013 at Curran Theatre in San Francisco. At that time, this musical sold out its entire run.

It was then that this musical was opened on Broadway, precisely on January 12, 2014. Beautiful Broadway at that time was done at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre.

King was said to have attended the show on April 3, 2014 and even appeared on the stage to sing together.

London Show

After that, the musical was moved to West End in London, exactly on February 25, 2015. Around that time, there were some talks that there would be US tour in 2015.

US Tour

The tour was expected to start in September 2015, starting from Providence, Rhode Island and end in August 2016 in San Francisco.

Of course, the role of Carol King has been played by various actors ever since its first show.

Act I begins with King singing “So Far Away” and ends with her singing “Beautiful” in Act II. This is a great piece of musical worth to spend your time to watch.

The Upcoming Carole King Musical Events

Surely, you are interested in knowing the early life and career of King which is known as the most successful female songwriter.

Learning her life through musical work is an especially fun thing to do. You don’t have to worry, though. There are many events ahead that will give you so much opportunity to see the play.

2015 Shows

Last year, in 2015, this musical might have been performed at Boston Opera House in Boston, at Benedum Center in Pittsburgh, at Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington DC, at Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis, etc.

2016 Shows

This year, in 2016, you will get the chance to see it in various places.

The cities included are Atlanta, Buffalo, Baltimore, Chicago, Charlotte, Cleveland, Fort Lauderdale, Kansas City, Houston, Los Angeles, London, New York, Milwaukee, Orlando, Philadelphia, Saint Louis, Rochester, San Diego, and also Tampa.

Play Duration

How long is the musical going to be? Speaking about it, the running time used to be 2 hours and 30 minutes with 15 minutes of intermission. It is going to be worth time to spend for.

Beautiful on Broadway Tickets and Schedule

We are not here without offering you anything. We are here to provide you enough information for the upcoming events of Carol King Musical in 2016.

Tour Dates & Seating Chart

Whether you want to see it in New York or either of the mentioned cities earlier, you have to see it first on our schedule. We have included the tour dates, times, events, and seating chart there.

If you want to ask things, like where is beautiful playing next or something like that, you will surely find the answer from our concert schedule. Make sure to look at it thoroughly.

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