Boston Celtics Game Schedule, Seating Chart & Tickets

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Boston Celtics Game Schedule and Tickets

Boston Celtics 2015-2016 team

Watching sports games have always been a fun activity to do. What sports game do you like to see? Other than football, basketball is other kinds of sports that people like to choose.

Well, there are many basketball teams in this world. However, if you want to see professional basketball games, you must see the ones participated by basketball teams that belong to the divisions of conferences in NBA.

What is your favorite team? Is it Boston Celtic? If so, you must have looked for Boston Celtics tickets. We have them here, but let’s talk more about this team before we talk about the schedule.

The History of Boston Celtics

If we truly a fan of a certain basketball team, it is better to know as many things as possible about that very team. Of course, it includes the history of that team right from its early years.

Well, Celtic has been a good team all along. It was first founded by Boston Garden-Arena Corporation President named Walter A. Brown, precisely on June 6, 1946. Back then, it was formed to become a team in Basketball Association of America.

However, after the absorption of National Basketball League in 1949, it belongs to National Basketball Association as a member of a division of the certain conference.

Even up until now, Boston Celtics has been known as American basketball team based in Boston, Massachusetts that plays in Atlantic Division of Eastern Conference in National Basketball Association.

From 23 total teams, this team is one of the eight that have survived the league’s first decade. Since the founding, it has gathered 17 championships, 21 conference titles, and 21 division titles so far. This achievement has made Boston Celtics to be the most successful franchise exists.

To be exact, it is the most successful one from the four traditional, professional sports of North America.

This team has been handled by a head coach named Brad Stevens since 2013. With his leading, this team makes a return to the playoffs in 2015.

Where do the Celtics play? Boston Celtics usually plays its home games in an arena called TD Garden.

As for its regular seasons, there have been 70 of them so far in which the 70th is the most upcoming one, of course.

It is a very promising team. Everyone must be looking forward to 2015-16 Boston Celtics season.

The Rivals of Boston Celtics

By being the most successful franchise, it does not mean that there has been no rival that can beat it. It does not mean that this team has never lost as well. Even Celtics must play hard to win the games against powerful opponents.

If there is no rival, then it would not be able to offer the kinds of game that are worth to see. Celtics has many rivals, but there are some of them that are pretty worth rivals for it.

1. LA Lakers

Starting from the best one, Celtics has been playing against Lakers from Los Angeles, which belongs to the Pacific Division of the league’s Western Conference.

2. Philadephia 76ers

Next, this team also has various matches against 76ers from Philadelphia, which is part of Atlantic Division of National Basketball Association.

3. Detroit Pistons

Of course, it also has faced in more than one game against Pistons, which is a team based in Detroit that belongs to Central Division of Eastern Conference.

4. Other Rivals

Other than that, there are still matches against New York Knicks that is part of Atlantic Division of Eastern Conference, against Nets from Brooklyn that belongs to the same division and conference. Well, of course, in the upcoming games, it will face not only them but other teams too.

The Seasons of Boston Celtics

Since it was first founded in 1946, it would not be surprising for it to have reached many seasons so far. As it was said earlier, the upcoming games include as the Celtics’ 70th regular season. Yes, it has been 70 seasons already.

The regular seasons of Boston Celtics start right from 1946-47 seasons with 22 wins and 38 losses.

It might have gotten more loss in several first seasons, but it has started to gain more win since 1950-51 season.

Let me tell you the most recent ones then. 2012-13 season ends up with 41 wins and 40 losses. 2013-14 season ends up with 25 wins and 57 losses.

The latest one that is 2014-15 season ends up with 40 wins and 42 losses. Well, it is not like Celtics can make more win than the loss in every season. If it has gotten stronger, then it must have gone the same with other teams as well.

Even if it gets some losses here, it dominated summer league with more wins in the last July against Portland, Philadelphia, and Miami, although it lost against San Antonio here.

It went the same for the preseason match in the last October. It did win against EA7 Emporio Armani Milano, Real Madrid, and Brooklyn, although it lost to New York.

Boston Celtics Schedule

Boston Celtics is a great basketball team that can gain more win than the loss. Although it might have lost few times, it still has more record of winning games.

That is why the upcoming events of Boston Celtics are still worth to watch. There will be many opponents showing up aside from its rivals we were talking about earlier.

Celtics Game

Are you looking forward to the matches against Cavs? Or are you looking for the others? Don’t worry! There will be Boston Celtics VS Cleveland Cavaliers, VS Miami Heat, VS Bulls, VS Warriors, VS Pacers, VS Rangers, VS OKC, etc. in the upcoming events.

So, when is the next Celtics game? It will be on November 4, 2015 with Pacers VS Celtics.

The Stadium

How about the stadium? This match will take place at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN at 7 P.M. This season will then end on April 13, 2016 with Celtics VS Heat at TD Garden in Boston, MA at 8 P.M.

Of course, there are pretty much match along the way from when it will start to when it ends. With different opponent, there will be a different place to use and time of the match.

Event Calendar and Seating Chart

So, if you are so eager to see this team playing on the court, you should look at our calendar here. We, at Main Event Specials, will be glad to be your access to get the necessary information for the match.

Look at the schedule 2015 for Celtics’ match now! Who knows there will be one tonight, tomorrow, or the day after that? We have seating chart too so you can know which seats you will be taking.

Cheap Celtics Tickets

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