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Kanye West Tour Dates 2016 & Concert Tickets

Have you heard the name of Kanye West before? We are sure that you must have heard about him. Yes, Kanye West is a famous American rapper. He has been producing lots of songs and albums as well as performing lots of concerts and tours. This year, Kanye West will be doing his tour too. […]


One Direction Tour Dates & Concert Tickets

We, Main Event Specials, have always been trying to live up as to how we are called. At our website, we provide you with many special events that are very up to date. We ensure you not to be left behind by others regarding new upcoming events. So, if you ask about One Direction tour, […]


Shania Twain Tour – Concert Tickets & Upcoming Events

Sure, there are various talented big stars in the entertainment world. They do come from various backgrounds. It is not that surprising if they are just ordinary people at first. Even there is a big star that was once lived in poverty in her childhood. Yes, that person who is a big star now is […]


Taylor Swift and the 1989 World Tour

Who would say that they don’t know who Taylor Swift is? All music lovers should have been familiar with that name. Yes, Taylor Swift can be considered as the biggest and most popular pop star in the whole world. Tickets have always been sold out pretty quickly when it comes to any of her concert. […]