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Cheap Lion King Tickets with Discount

We are sure that you have ever heard and even known the story of Lion King already. It was a Disney animated film with the same title that appeared first back in 1994.  Ever since that time, it has always been a popular story for people of all ages. You see, this story has been […]


Motown The Musical Tickets - Save Up To 50% Off

Have you ever considered of spending your time to watch musical? The musical is a play or film that has singing and dancing play as its important parts.  It is interesting play that people like to see nowadays. One of the musical plays that are worth to consider is Motown the Musical.  Have you ever […]


Cheapest Wicked Tickets with Discount

There are many unexpected things that you will get if you ever watch a musical play in a theater. Of course, they are all interesting in their way. It has never been a wrong choice to watch even one of them in the theater.  If you want us to recommend you, the musical play of […]


The Phantom Of The Opera Discount Tickets

Are you looking for a place where you can buy tickets to attend many special events? You know, we have here at Main Event Specials. We are the home when you want to search for concert, sport, and theater tickets.  So, are you interested in watching a play at the theater? If so, you definitely […]


Beautiful on Broadway – The Carole King Musical Tickets

Have you ever seen biographical musical before? It is interesting to see someone’s life being portrayed in musical work, you know. There is no way that you would be bored while you see it. If you want a recommendation, we would suggest you look at Carole King Musical this year. Yes, it is the musical which […]


Alexander Hamilton Musical Tickets on Broadway

Have you heard about Hamilton before? If you are Native American, there is no way that you don’t know about him.  Hamilton Musical is indeed the musical which tells the story of a man by the name Alexander Hamilton.  This person played a really big role for America. You can say the America you see […]


Cheap Disney Aladdin the Musical Tickets on Broadway

Are you a fan of Disney stories? Mostly, children are the ones who would say that they like those stories.  You know that they are made into cartoon form. However, even adults can still enjoy the story in a different form that is musical. Aladdin Broadway is one kind of shows which still presents up […]