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Cheap Brooklyn Nets Tickets with NBA Game Schedule

Brooklyn Nets 2015-16 Team

If you like baseball, you must have liked watching the matches of pro teams, right? Speaking about professional teams, you can find many of them as members of National Basketball Association.

Brooklyn Nets is one of them, and it is the one that has been struggling with loss and win up until now. Even so, it is a good team that has ever made its appearance in NBA Finals.

So, even this team offers some promise as well. Surely, Nets fans have been waiting for the thrilling matches of the upcoming season. So, we have prepared Brooklyn Nets tickets for you here.

Brooklyn Nets Background

Before we talk about the schedule, let’s discuss the background of BK Nets first here. You see, this team was founded in 1967. However, it was not known with the same name as it is now.

Back then, it started as New Jersey Americans. This team was nomadic one at that time, playing here and there in various arenas.

In 1968

It moved to Long Island and played as a team by the name New York Nets. NY Nets was led by Hall of Famer named Julius Erving. Because of his leading, this team could even grab two ABA championships in New York.

In 1976

It was admitted into National Basketball Association along with three other teams due to the merger of ABA and NBA.

In 1977

However, in this year, the team decided to move back to New Jersey and play as New Jersey Nets.

This was when NJ Nets made its appearance in NBA Finals. It was in two seasons to be exact; 2001-02 and 2002-03 seasons.

However, this team did not even decide to stay there forever. It moved again to New York in 2012 after it was done playing 35 seasons there. This time too, it used another name that is Brooklyn Net.

This name is the one that has been used up until now. It is known as American basketball team that is based in New York and belongs to the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference in NBA.

The Achievements

Its achievement so far is 2 ABA championships, two conference titles, and 6 division titles. As for its home arena, it has used quite many of them up until now.

It was Teaneck Armory in New Jersey at the first time. It has changed the arena several times due to its movement from NJ to NY, and vice versa. But, now it has Barclays Center as its home stadium.

The Rivalry

You see, every team in National Basketball Association must have at least two or three strong rivals. The teams there are professional after all. Even Nets must work hard to face its rivals and other opponents. Well, there are three worth rivals of Nets so far.

1. Boston Celtics

this team had met in various matches so far and might likely be in the future against Boston Celtics, which belongs to the same division of the same conference.

2. New York Knicks

There are also matches against New York Knicks, which still belongs to the same division and the same conference too.

3. Toronto Raptors

There is the rivalry of Nets VS Toronto Raptors too. Raptors also belong to the same division of the same conference as well.

Other Rivals

However, they are not the only teams that will challenge Brooklyn Nets in the upcoming season. There will also be Nets VS Atlanta Hawks, VS Miami Heat, VS Chicago Bulls, VS Lakers, VS Dallas Maverick, VS Golden State Warriors, etc.

There will be quite many of them, of course. This season will last till next year after all. That is why you can expect various matches against more different opponents than Nets’ three rivals.

Nets Seasons and Matches

It has been such a long time since this team first was founded. Regardless of whatever names it uses in whatever cities it plays basketball matches, it does not hide the fact that there have been 40 seasons it has done so far.

Well, the 40th one has just started, though. As you know, Nets’ regular season starts from 1967-68 seasons with 36 wins and 42 losses. It goes all the way to the latest one with intermittent win and loss.

2012-13 season

It ends up with more win that is 49 wins and 33 losses. It goes the same with the next season.

2013-14 season

ends up with 44 wins and 38 losses.

2014-15 season

However, the most recent one ends up with 38 wins and 44 losses instead.

NBA Summer League and Preseason

How about the other matches then? In NBA summer league in the last July, Brooklyn Nets wins against Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago, and Philadelphia 76ers. However, it loses against New Orleans, San Antonio Spurs, and NBAD-League Select.

In the preseason in the last October, Nets wins against Detroit Pistons and Philadelphia, but it loses against Fenerbahce Ulker, Philadelphia, and Boston.

Brooklyn Nets’ 40th Season

Speaking about the newest season, it has been started since November 2, 2015. It goes with Brooklyn Nets VS Milwaukee Bucks that takes place in Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY at 7:30 P.M.

The Next Games

Then, when and where do the Brooklyn Nets play the next game? It will be on November 4, 2015 with Atlanta Hawks VS Brooklyn Nets in Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA at 8 P.M.

Of course, there will still be many matches ahead. There will be many different opponents to face in many different places to play. But, how long will this season last by the way?

It will be full of matches day by day until the last match on April 13, 2016 with Brooklyn Nets VS Toronto Raptors in Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY at 8 P.M.

If you want to see Nets against a certain opponent in a match, you should check out our calendar thoroughly. Who knows they might meet in one or two matches in the next few days or even tonight?

Brooklyn Nets Playoffs

Although it depends on the points of the match, who knows you can get to see them in the playoffs too? That is why watching the matches won’t be such a waste thing to do.

Nets Schedule & Seating Chart

We, at Main Event Specials, do not only provide the information about the matches that will still be going on till next year.

We do provide complete schedule 2015-16 for Brooklyn Nets’ upcoming season with date, time, event name, location, and seating chart. But, we also have tickets on sale for each of those live events too.

Cheap Nets Tickets

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