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If you are asked about your opinion about a circus, what would you say about it? Circus is a group of traveling performers that performs acrobatic, trained animals, or other performances held in a large tent. This is how we used to know what and how circus is.

Do you think Cirque du Soleil is the same? No, it is not. Well, it is indeed a circus. However, it is not an ordinary circus.

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Let us tell you that it is the one that appears with conventions of the modern circus. It does bring along the best things about a circus, but tiring, repetitive acts are not included in this modern circus. Let’s talk more about it here.

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The Background of Cirque de Soleil

cirque in action

Cirque de Soleil has experienced many bad and good things along the way up until it becomes the largest theatrical producer in the whole world. It was first named as Les Echassiers actually, and this performing troupe began to tour around Quebec in 1980.

Soon, they experienced their first financial problems, but it was relieved by the government grant of Canada Council for the Arts in 1983. In 1984, it finally made its success tour. It was then made into a proper circus with theatrical, character-driven approach and without the performance of trained animals.

This modern circus that is also known as Circo del Sol was properly founded by street performers named Guy Laliberte and Gilles Ste-Croix in 1984 with its base in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Each show performed by this circus has always showed all styles around the world alongside with its  theme and storyline.

Financial success and failure were still experienced by this circus in the late 1980s. However, it gained great profit in 1990 and since then has expanded pretty fast up until now. Believe it or not, its permanent Las Vegas shows have its audience over 9,000 people.

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The Shows of Cirque du Soleil

This modern circus group must have countless shows by now. It's first best show that had brought it to success in 1984 was Le Grand Tour du Cirque du Soleil. It was then followed by La Magie Continue, Le Cirque Reinvente, Fascination, etc. Its other shows go with various names.

1. Varekai


Varekai itself has been shown in various places, like Portland Maine, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Diego, Phoenix, El Paso, Milwaukee, Sacramento, Tulsa, Duluth MN, Detroit, Hershey, Fresno, Utah, New Orleans, St Louis, San Antonio, CT, Tampa, Baltimore, Colorado Springs, Nashville, Oklahoma City (OKC), etc.

2. Amaluna


Amaluna has also been shown in Boston in 2014, San Jose, Atlantic Station, etc. Kurios also shows at Marymoor Park Redmond, Seattle WA, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco (SF), etc. Circ du Soleil makes its appearance at National Harbor, Washington DC.

Other than in DC, there is still Wintuk in New York City (NYC); Dralion in Cleveland, Minneapolis, Atlantic City, Charlottesville, Raleigh NC; Quidam in Roanoke, Spokane, at Barclays Center Brooklyn, Wichita KS; and Joya itself takes place in Cancun, at Riviera Maya Mexico, Mystee at Treasure Island Las Vegas.

3. Kooza


There are still Kooza in Columbus Ohio, Austin, Virginia, Ouver, Alegria in Greensboro; Totem in Pittsburgh; Toruk in Cincinnati, and Santa Monica in California; KA at MGM Grand in Las Vegas; La Nouba at Downtown Disney in Florida; and the Beatles Love at the Mirage Las Vegas.

4. Mystere

cirque du soleil mystere infographic

5. Cirque du Soleil O, Michael Jackson, KA, etc

There are still other show names actually, like Nouvelle Experience, Saltimbanco, O, KA, Zumanity, Corteo, Delirium, Zaia, Zed, Criss Angel Believe, Ovo, Banana Shpeel, Viva Elvis, Zarkana, Iris, Micheal Jackson One (MJ), Toruk, etc. There are pretty much of them, right? It is a famous circus group after all.

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Other Events and Productions

Those shows mentioned above are the main shows by this circus group. However, it still holds other events and produce products too. “Special Events” is one of them. In 2015 for example, there was an event called Reflections in Blue in Montreal, Canada. It was a water show for the opening ceremonies of 2005 World Aquatics Championships.

In 2012, it also had an event called Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show in Indianapolis, United Sates where the artists performed with Madonna. Then, as holiday production, this circus offers the Cirque Dreams Holidaze show too.


worlds away 3d

Another production by this circus group is filmography. Simply put, it produces a film adaptation of the production of Cirque’s shows for television, video, and DVD to be distributed around the world. The first filmography was La Magie Continue in 1988 filmed lives in Toronto back in 1986.

There was also Saltimbanco in 1994 filmed in Atlanta GA in 1993, Delirium in 2008 filmed in London, Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away in 2012, etc. Other project includes Desigual inspired by this circus to develop clothing collection available at its show boutique and Desigual store.

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Upcoming Events and Tickets

yellow and red cirque

After reading all those reviews about this modern circus, are you now interested in it? If you are interested then, you can expect for its upcoming events done in 2015 till 2016 in various places.

There are Zarkana at Viva ELVIS Theater, Aria, Las Vegas; O at O Theater, Bellagio, Las Vegas; La Nouba at La Nouba Theater, Orlando FL; Toruk at Toyota Center in Houston TX, etc. Cirque also plans on making premier for the new touring show in 2017 before touring in Miami, Los Angeles, and other US cities. There sure are many events going on ahead from now.

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