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It has always been fun to see live concerts, especially the ones of our favorite bands or artists. Are you looking for cheap concert tickets this year then? You don’t have to look for other online websites for you have come to the right place.

Yes, here at Main Event Specials, we have a schedule and ticket center for live concerts around the world. Whatever music genre you wish to choose, we have a list of countless concerts you can look forward to in 2016.

Let’s talk about the concert listings based on each genre here. Who knows you will get to know which genre your favorite artist belongs to?

Music Genre

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Obtaining cheap tickets is easy with us. However, what matters to you is to choose which music genre you want to hear in the concert. It is if you have no favorite artist or band to choose at the moment.

You can just choose the concerts of your favorite artist or band if you have one in mind already. Well, speaking of concerts, there is no way we can leave out the discussion of music genres. Among the available genres, these are what we offer here at Main Event Specials.

  • Concerts of Pop Artists/Bands
  • Concerts of Rock Artists/Bands
  • Concerts of Rap/Hip-Hop Artists/Bands
  • Concerts of Country/Folk Artists/Bands
  • Concerts of Jazz Artists/Bands


We are sure that most of you like a pop genre. Well, it is a genre of popular music after all. Pop music is known for being eclectic. That is why you will find yourself noticing other elements from other different styles, like urban, dance, rock, Latin, and country. However, this is what makes pop music interesting.

Among famous pop artists and bands, you can expect to see Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, One Republic, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Adele, Demi Lovato, One Direction, Bruno Mars, Celine Dion, Coldplay, Ricky Martin, etc. this year.


Although the pop genre is popular, many people like rock genre instead. Rock music is also a genre of popular music. This music is said to have been heavily influenced by blues, rhythm and blues, and country music. The lyrics stress on romantic love but often stress on social or political in emphasis.

So, who are the artists or bands performing with this genre then? Of all artists or bands, there will be Metallica, Muse, Linkin Park, Justin Timberlake, Foo Fighters, Elton John, Bastille, Pharrell Williams, Usher, Lana Del Rey, etc. this year.


How about the rap genre then? Rap is known as hip-hop music as well. It is that of stylized rhythmic music. It is quite common for it to accompany chanted, rhythmic and rhyming speech. The typical instruments used to play this genre are rapping and turntable.

Are you one of the people who are really looking forward to this music genre? If so, you can be happy for this year many famous rap artists/bands will be live on the stage. There are Eminem, Pitbull, Jay-Z, DJ Khaled, Afrojack, Nicki Minaj, Diddy, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Jason Derulo, etc.


There are still more genres to expect here. Would you like to hear some country music? Let us tell you here that this is a genre of American popular music. Throughout its history, Blues modes have been used in this genre. This music consists of ballads as well as dance tunes.

It is usually in simple forms and harmonies while being accompanied by instruments, like banjos, electric and acoustic guitars, dobros, fiddles, and harmonicas. From this genre, you will get to see Keith Urban, Jake Owen, Kenny Rogers, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, etc.


There is also jazz music to consider here. This music genre originated from New Orleans’ African American communities. Jazz genre encompasses a very wide range of music. That is why it is somewhat difficult to define it.

Improvisation, polyrhythm, syncopation, swing note, European harmony aspects, American popular music, brass band tradition, blue notes, and ragtime are heavily used in jazz.

Jazz artists/bands you can expect to see this year are Bonnie Raitt, Maceo Parker, Caro Emerald, The Average White Band, Joe Bonamassa, etc.

The Cities Visited in 2016 Live Concerts

You see, there must have been many cities visited by all artists/bands or various genres this year.

  • In New York, there are Strawberry Fields: A Tribute to the Beatles, Houndmouth, Buddy Guy, etc.
  • In Los Angeles California, there are Adrian Uribe, Andy Mineo, La Ley, etc.
  • In Chicago, there are Kvelertak, Eliane Elias, Justin Bieber, etc.
  • In Dallas, there are Bunny Wailer, Umphrey’s McGee, The Gazette, etc.
  • In Houston, there are Cypress Hill, Ghost, The Front Bottoms, etc.
  • In Boston MA, there are Amon Amarth, Pete Davidson, Robin Trower, etc.
  • In Las Vegas, there are Hitzville, The 1975, Pentatonix, etc.
  • In Atlanta, there are Underoath, Celtic Woman, Leftover Salmon, etc.
  • In Utah, there are Frightened Rabbit, The Beach Boys, Easy Star All Stars, etc.
  • In Seattle, there are Hatsune Miku, Judah & The Lion, The Big Pink, etc.

Aside from them, there will be many concerts this year in Tampa, San Diego, Portland, Phoenix, Miami, Washington DC, Kansas City, St Louis, New Jersey, Charlotte NC, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Austin, San Francisco, New Orleans, Orlando, Omaha, Denver, Detroit, etc.

The Schedule and the Cheap Concert Tickets

Since there are too many cities, artists, bands, etc. to tell here, we have provided a schedule which you can search by performer, team, or venue. Isn’t it an excellent tool to find one? We have included the event date, time, and venue in the schedule.

This is the best way to find quickly the ones you want, and you can be sure to attend to. You will surely get the best entertainment ever this year. So, you better pick at least one upcoming concert from our schedule here.

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