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Find Cheap Def Leppard Concert Tickets with 2017 Tour Dates

Def Leppard Rock Band On Tour

Have you ever heard a band named Def Leppard before? It is an English rock band which was formed back in 1977 in Sheffield, UK.

It was also formed as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. Yes, it has been quite a long time since it was first known to the public.

Not to mention, there has been quite some news about this year’s Def Leppard tour. Sure, it would soon to come for this tour too is just around the corner.

However, before even talking about the new tour in 2016, it 'd be nice if we know more things about his very band first. So, let’s talk some more here.

How this Band Was First Formed

old def leppard

Speaking about the earliest history of this band, it was a band of three boys; Rick Savage, Tony Kenning, and Pete Willis.

They were all the students of Tapton School in Sheffield. Even the name of the band was Atomic Mass at first.

However, soon after they participated in an audition and made their first gig, Joe Elliot, who joined the band before the audition proposed a new name for the band with a little modification from Kenning.

That was when this band started to use the name “Def Leppard”. Steve Clark then joined the band in 1978. In November of the same year, Kenning left.

Frank Noon then replaced him. Soon, around the end of the month, Rick Allen joined the band.

Their three-song release which was known as the Def Leppard E.P. soared after the track Getcha Rocks Off got an extensive airtime by BBC Radio DJ.

Since then, this band’s popularity grew and finally led to a record deal with Mercury Records in the US.

After fist fight incident of Pete Martin and Joe Elliot, the band approached Peter Mensch from Leber-Krebs management.

He had booked them on a tour before. Soon, he became the manager of this Def Leppard rock band.

The Band Members

Indeed, there have been former and current members of this band here. At first, it was a band with Pete Willis on guitar, Rick Savage on bass, and Tony Kenning on drums.

Joe Elliot, who tried as a guitarist at first, was then given the position as a lead singer.

Kenning, who was on drums before, left the band abruptly and was replaced by Frank Noon. Then, Rick Allen came as full-time drummer.

However, in 1982, Willis was fired due to excessive alcohol consumption on the job and replaced by Phill Colen, who became the co-lead guitarist of the band.

There is one more member replaced here. It is Steve Clark who died in 1991 due to an accidental mix of prescription drugs and alcohol. Vivian Campbell then replaced him.

Former Members

So, there are three former members of this band. They are Tony Kenning, Pete Willis, and Steve Clark.

Current Members

As for the current members, see below.

  • Rick Savage as Bassist, Backing Vocalist, Additional Guitarist, and Additional Keyboardist
  • Joe Elliot as Lead Vocalist, Additional Guitarist, and Additional Keyboardist
  • Rick Allen as Drummer, Percussionist, and Backing Vocalist
  • Phil Collen as Guitarist and Backing Vocalist
  • Vivian Campbell as Guitarist and Backing Vocalist

The Studio Albums

Before speaking about this year’s Def Leppard tour, let’s see this band’s studio albums first after knowing its early history and its members.

Let us tell you here; this band has been making 11 studio albums so far. Let’s see the list here then.

  • On Through the Night – Released in 1980
  • High ‘n’ Dry – Released in 1981
  • Pyromania – Released in 1983
  • Hysteria – Released in 1987
  • Adrenalize – Released in 1992
  • Slang – Released in 1996
  • Euphoria – Released in 1999
  • X – Released in 2002
  • Yeah! – Released in 2006
  • Songs from the Sparkle Lounge – Released in 2008
  • Def Leppard – Released in 2015

We will tell you some more about the last three studio albums above.


yeah album cover

Yeah! Is the ninth studio album recorded by this band. It was released exactly on May 23, 2006 with hard rock as its genre. Originally, there are 14 songs in total in the track list.

Songs Sparkle Lounge

songs from the sparkle lounge

Songs Sparkle Lounge is the 10 albums and released on April 25, 2008 with hard rock and heavy metal as its genre. As for the track list, there are 11 songs in total.

Def Leppard

def leppard 2015 album

Lastly, there is Def Leppard, which was released on October 30, 2015 with 14 songs in total, but 3 added songs for the exclusive tracks.

The Last Three Concert Tours of Def Leppard

Speaking of Def Leppard’s concert tours, there have been quite many of them so far. It is 18 of them in total.

There are Pyromania Tour, Slang Tour, etc., but let’s talk about the three last ones then.

Viva! Hysteria Tour

viva hysteria tour

The sixteen concert tour done by this band is called Viva! Hysteria. From March 22, 2013 to April 13, 2013, the 11 events of Hysteria Tour were all held at The Joint, at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.

KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour

The seventeenth concert tour is called The KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour. It was a joined tour between American rock band named Kiss and Def Leppard itself.

There are 93 shows in total with this band performing around the USA. The rest was done by Kiss band around Asia, South America, Europe, and Oceania.

The cities included in this Kiss Def Lepard Tour were Phoenix, Atlantic City, Minneapolis, etc.

Def Leppard World Tour

def leppard world tour

The eighteenth Def Leppard tour is called Def Leppard World Tour started on April 15, 2015 and ended on December 19, 2015.

There were 95 shows in total done in Denver, Tampa, Nashville, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Allentown, etc. at venues, like Xfinity Center, Mohegan Sun Arena, Iowa State Fair, Alerus Center, Great Allentown Fair, etc.

Def Leppard National Tour and the Tickets

def leppard 2017 concert

The upcoming live tour will go by the name Def Leppard National Tour. It will start on May 2, 2016 at Pensacola Bay Center and will end on October 10, 2016 at US Cellular Center – Cedar Rapids. There will be Tesla tour among the shows on this tour.


The locations included are Utah, St. Louis, Chicago, Indiana, Orlando, Lafayette, Bossier City, Greensboro, etc.


The venues included are Cajundome, CenturyLink Center, Greensboro Coliseum, PPL Center, etc.

Seeing this band live in concert is worth to spend your time for, you see. You can even meet and greet the members.

2017 Tour Dates & Schedule

Are you looking for one in San Diego or other cities? See our 2017 schedule to see whether or not your intended city is included in the tour. We have provided the dates, times, venues, and seating chart for VIP and others.

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