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Cheap Disney Aladdin the Musical Tickets on Broadway

Aladdin The Musical on Broadway

Are you a fan of Disney stories? Mostly, children are the ones who would say that they like those stories.

You know that they are made into cartoon form. However, even adults can still enjoy the story in a different form that is musical.

Aladdin Broadway is one kind of shows which still presents up until now right from its first appearance on Broadway in 2014.

Seeing the story in musical form will feel much different than seeing it in the film. Of course, there will be a bunch of opportunities to see the musical this year, in 2016.

The Story

What do you know about Aladdin? Well, Alladin covers a story which takes place in the middles eastern town of Agrabah.

There, the Sultan who has a daughter called Princess Jasmine wants to find her a royal groom. The princess is not happy about her father’s wish.

The current situation is added with Jafar, who is Sultan’s right-hand man, wanting to take over the throne.

One day, Princess Jasmine sneaks out of the palace secretly. In the town, she unexpectedly meets with a charming street urchin called Aladdin.

They take their time talking together at that point. Unfortunately, the princess is discovered and is brought back to the palace.

Aladdin, who is about to be sentenced to death, is saved by Jafar. He told Aladdin to go to the Cave of Wonders to fetch a magical lamp who keeps a Genie inside. Aladdin lets the genie out, and he said that he will grant Aladdin’s wishes.

Aladdin comes back to the palace while disguising himself as Prince Ali to win Princess Jasmine’s heart and thwart Jafar’s plan to take over the throne. Will he accomplish them all?

The Productions

With the popularity of this story, it is not so surprising that there have been several productions of it.

The earliest production starts from somewhere around November in 2010 when Alan Menken said that the musical adaptation of the Aladdin film based on Chad Beguelin’s book was in the work.

From July 7 to 31, 2011, it finally made its premiere in Seattle, Washington. In 2012, it had the production being played in Ivins, Utah from June to October and in St. Louis in July. Following those productions, there are still others left to say.

Still in the same year, it was staged in Manila, Philippines. Then, in 2013, it was staged in Bogota, Columbia too.

From November 2013 to January 2014, it finally made its pre-Broadway tryout in Toronto, Ontario.

The Broadway premiere was then done on February 26, 2014. After that, other productions have been made one after the other.

There is 2014 production in NYC, 2015 in Tokyo and Germany, and 2016 in West End and Sydney. There have been some talks that there will be a plan for US tour too later in 2017.

Aladdin The Musical and The Film

It is not like you will see exactly every same detail of the film in the musical. Indeed, it has a general story of Aladdin.

However, some few things are omitted or added in the show. Not to mention, the musical itself is presented in a different way than what you used to see in the film.

So, there is no way that you will be bored to see it although you have pretty much known the story.

Let us tell you some of the differences between the musical and the film.

1. Abu & Rajah

You know that Aladdin has a monkey called Abu while the princess has a tiger called Rajah in the movie. These two characters, however, are not included in the musical.

2. Lago

Furthermore, you know that Jafar has a parrot called Iago too in the film. However, instead of appearing as an animal, Iago is presented as a real man.

3. Aladdin Partners

Aladdin might have been all alone in the movie, but he has three partners named Babkak, Omar, and Kassim in the musical.

4. Aladdin's Mother

He even gets the scene where he remembers his mother.

5. Jafar's Wish

Moreover, Jafar’s second wish might have been the most powerful sorcerer in the world in the film, but he simply wants to become Sultan in the musical.

Aladdin on Broadway 2016

Since we are talking about these musical events in 2016, it is only right if we know at least in which cities they would take place.

Based on the current calendar for this musical, there are only three cities where Aladdin will be held.

1. New York City

First, in New York at New Amsterdam Theatre, the musical is held right from the start, and you will be able to see it on February 23, 2016 next till August 14, 2016.

2.  London, UK

Second, the next events will take place in London, United Kingdom, precisely at the Prince Edward Theatre on July 30, 2016 to September 30, 2016. That would end the musical in this very year.

3. Chicago, IL

However, it has been planned already that the musical will also take place in Chicago, IL, exactly at the Cadillac Palace from April 11, 2017 to July 2, 2017.

This musical might have staged in Los Angeles or other cities in the last few years.

However, those three cities are currently the available ones, so you can just choose one of them.

Aladdin Tickets and Schedule

How long is the length of the musical? Usually, the running time would take as much as 2 hours and 30 minutes with one intermission. It is long enough to show you the story.

The Complete Schedule

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