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Justin Bieber Live Concert Tickets and Tour Dates

Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour Cover

There are many talented singers in the entertainment world. Among them, the one that has been so well-known ever since his teens is a boy by the name Justin Bieber.

Well, who wouldn’t know this person anyway? Anyone would, at least, hear his name before. It has been some years since he did his latest tour. He even took some time off from the stage.

However, there has been talking about its upcoming tour in 2016. Justin Bieber tour is something people would be eager to see.

However, let’s talk more about his background and some of his previous tours before first here.

The Background

Bieber story infographic


A child by the name Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 in London, Ontario. He is the son of Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patricia Mallette.

Justin Bieber’s mother is the one who raised him. Although his parents were never married, he still keeps in contact with his father.

He attended an elementary school called Jeanne Sauve Catholic School in Stratford. Then, he grew up knowing how to play musical instruments, like piano, drum, guitar, and trumpet.

Did you know? 2007 is the time when he first made its first singing achievement. Well, to tell you the truth, he joined a local singing competition at that time. He sang “So Sick” by Ne-Yo and surprisingly took the second place in that competition.

His mother recorded his performance and posted it on Youtube. At first, it was just for friends and family to see. However, as his mother posted more, his popularity began to grow.

Then, a former marketing executive by the name Scooter Braun found his video by accident. At 13, he began singing for Usher after he went with Braun to Atlanta to record demo tapes.

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Justin Bieber’s My World Tour

Justin Bieber My World Tour at XL Center

My World Tour is the first tour that had been done by Justin in 2010-2011. This tour was done to support Justin’s debut albums entitled My World and My World 2.0.

The news about this tour was made known on March 16, 2010. It was just a week before the release of My World 2.0 album. My World Tour was started on June 23, 2010 and was ended on October 19, 2011.

in North America

There are 127 shows in total that had been done by Justin. This tour covers many cities in North America, like Hartford, Trenton, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Paso Robles, etc.


The venues used are like XL Center, Sun National Bank Center, US Banks Arena, Summerfest, California Mid-State Fair, etc.

Outside The United States

It also covers cities in Europe, like Birmingham, Dublin Liverpool, etc.; in Asia, like Tel Aviv, Kallang, Kuala Lumpur, Bogor, etc.; in Oceania, like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth; and in South America, like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, and Caracas.

See? Those are only some cities to name only a few. All concert tickets were sold in almost each of those concerts.

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Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour

Bieber Believe tour concert

The next tour is the one known as Believe Tour, which had been done in 2012-2013. Just like the first tour, this one was done to support his third album entitled Believe.

This tour was made known in May 2012. Then, the tour was started on September 29, 2012 and was ended on December 8, 2013.

Justin had done 162 shows in total in this tour. They are 85 in North America, 47 in Europe, 10 in Asia, 2 in Africa, 8 in South America, and 10 in Oceania.

With that much show, you should have known that Justin had performed in many different cities too in this tour. Let us tell you some of them here.

In North America

Justin performed in Glendale at Arena, Las Vegas at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Los Angeles at Staples Center, etc.

In Europe

Justin performed in Dublin at The O2, Manchester at Manchester Arena, Liverpool at Echo Arena Liverpool, etc.

In Asia

Justin performed in Dubai at The Sevens Stadium, Marina Bay at Marina Bay Street Circuit, Bangkok at Challenger Hall, etc.

In Africa

Justin performed in Cape Town at Cape Town Stadium and Johannesburg at FNB Stadium. There are still many of them left to tell.

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Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour

Seeing Justin Bieber on tour has never been a boring one. That is why people would like to see the next tour after the latest one.

2015 Journals Tour Rumor

However, Justin took a break in 2014 after the latest tour. You might have heard there will be Journals Tour in 2015-2016, but this is not true.

The truth is that Justin is working on for the new tour that is Purpose World Tour in support for his fourth album entitled Purpose.

Purpose World Tour Announcement

The news about this tour was just announced on November 11, 2015. The tour will start on March 9, 2016 and end on July 19, 2016.

This time, Justin will go around the USA. To tell you the truth, Justin Bieber’s concerts 2016 will cover 64 shows in total which will be done only in North America.

In the United States

The cities chosen are like Seattle at Key Arena, Portland at Moda Center, Sacramento at Sleep Train Arena, San Jose at SAP Center, Oakland at Oracle Arena, Los Angeles at Staples Center, Fargo at Fargodome, New York (NYC) at Madison Square Garden, etc.

In Canada

The cities chosen are Vancouver at Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena, Ottawa at Canadian Tire Centre, Quebec City at Videotron Centre, etc.

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The Tour Schedule and Tickets

Justin 2016 World Tour

When is Justin Bieber going on tour? If such question pops in your mind, you should take a look at our schedule for Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour to find the answer.

Tour Dates, Time, and Venues

We include all the information needed for each of the concerts in this tour. You can immediately find the tour dates, time, and venues for those concerts, of course.

We have included meet and greet schedule with Justin Bieber too. So, you can see your favorite singer up close and hear him talk instead of singing on the stage.

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