Cheap Miami Heat Tickets and 2016 Game Schedule

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Cheap Miami Heat Tickets and Schedule 2016

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Are you looking for sports events? We, here at Main Event Specials, do have what you are looking for. Is it basketball matches? If so, we have a wide range of professional teams you can cheer on in their live matches.

One of them, there is Miami Heat you expect to see. Of course, we sell Miami Heat tickets just for you here in our website.

But, before we do talk about the heat's matches, it is better to know one or two things about this team first. It is all the more reason for you to know if you are truly its fan. So, let’s not waste the time and get started here.

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The Background

What do you know so far about this team? If you don’t know yet about it, let us tell you here.


miami heat history

Miami Heat was known as an American basketball team that based in Miami, Florida. It belongs to the Southeast Division in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association.

During 1988-1999, the Heat’s home games were played at the Miami Arena. However, it has changed stadium to the American Airlines Arena after that time up until now.

Miami Heat comes with Burnie as its club mascot that appears to be a fiery basketball coming through a white ring.

NBA Championships Records

Miami Heat founded in 1988. It started as one of the expansion franchises of NBA. So far, it has won three league championships that are the ones in 2006, 2012, and 2013. Not to mention, it even won 5 conference titles and 11 division titles.

In its history, it had ever won up to 27 games in a row. Because of that, Miami Heat is known as the 2nd-longest streak in the history of NBA. Now, the ownership of the team is in the hands of Micky Arison with Pat Riley as its team manager and Erik Spoelstra as the head coach.

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Heat Rivals

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Miami Heat is quite a popular team too, just like the other American professional teams that belong to the NBA’s divisions. So, who do you think would be its rivals? Well, there are many of them, to be honest.

Miami Heat often meet in the matches VS New York Knicks from the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference, VS Chicago Bulls from the Central Division of the same conference, VS Orlando Magic from the Southeast Division of the same conference, and VS Boston Celtics from the Atlantic Division of the same conference too.

It also often has matches VS Indiana Pacers from the Central Division of the Eastern Conference, VS Dallas Mavericks from the Southwest Division of the Western Conference, and VS San Antonio Spurs from the same division and the same conference.

Being the rivals of Miami Heat, those teams are not the only ones that have matches against the Heat. Of course, there are other matches VS Golden State Warriors, VS Cleveland Cavaliers, VS Brooklyn Nets, VS Atlanta Hawks, VS 76ers, and VS Lakers. Not to mention, there are still many others other than them.

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Seasons and Scores

starting lineups

The upcoming 2015-16 season of Miami Heat will be the 28thseason of the franchise in NBA. It sure has been quite a long way to go for Miami Heat to play its game so far.

Its first was the 1988-89 season of the Midwest Division in the Western Conference. It ended with 15 wins and 67 losses with no playoff.

It might have experienced more losses compared to the wins it got in its early years. However, Miami Heat has started to grab its glory bit by bit until its wins finally dominate its losses. Sure, this team has improved a lot in the last several seasons.

2010-11 Season

It's 2010-11 season of the Southeast Division in the Eastern Conference had brought it 58 wins and 24 losses with the playoffs having wins in the first round, conference semifinals, and conference finals, but a loss in the NBA finals.

2011-12 Season

It's 2011-12 season of the same division in the same conference had brought it 46 wins and 20 losses with the playoffs having wins for all of them, including the NBA finals.

2014-15 Season

How about the very previous season then? The 2014-15 season of the same division in the same conference ended with 37 wins and 45 losses with no playoff.

Summer League

Next, what about Miami Heat’s summer league? Well, it did lose to Denver, Boston, Atlanta, and Sacramento, but it did win against Utah with the score 79-82.

All-Time Records

Let me tell you this team’s all-time records here. From 1988 till present, this team has been grabbing 1,098 wins and 1,015 losses in the regular season so far.

From 1992 till present, it has gained 116 wins and 89 losses in the post season. So, the all-time records show that Miami Heat has 1,214 wins and 1,194 losses so far in its history from the past till present.

Miami Heat 2015 - 2016 Schedule

your 2015-16 heat team

So, when is the upcoming season of Miami Heat? It will take place on October 4, 2015 with the event “NBA Preseason” at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL.

It will then come to an end on April 13, 2016 with the event “Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat” at the TD Garden in Boston, MA.

Preseason, Regular Season, Playoffs, Home and Away

We have provided all information you will need in our list of events. We will include the preseason, regular season, playoff, home and away schedules later from this year till the next year in 2016. Do you want to get to see its play?

See our schedule for the upcoming events of this professional basketball team only here at Main Event Specials.

Cheap Miami Heat Game Tickets and Seating Chart

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