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Cheap New York Knicks Tickets & Schedule 2016

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There are many basketball teams worth to cheer on around the world. What’s your favorite? Among the American professional basketball team, New York Knicks is the one known as the second most valuable NBA franchise.

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There had been a hard time in the history of this team when they had to experience many losses in the matches. However, it soon regains its success in winning many matches too after that.

That is why anyone would want to look for New York Knicks tickets now. Are you one of them? Let’s learn more about Knicks’ history for a bit here.


the complete history

As you might have known, NY Knicks is a professional team based in NYC, New York. It belongs to the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association.

It founded in 1946 by Ned Irish. At that time, it was known as one of the founding members of Basketball Association of America (BAA) that would be known later as NBA.

During this team’s early years, this team was quite successful. In 1950, it did appear in the NBA Finals, although it didn’t even win a match. This team even began to falter since then.

However, in the late 1960s, Knick began to rise under the guidance of a head coach by the name Red Holzman. He brought it to two NBA championships in 1970 and 1973.

In the 1980s, there had been mixed success experienced by this team. It did make six appearances in the playoff, although it couldn’t participate in the finals.

However, it finally appeared in the NBA finals in 1994 and 1999. It didn’t win the championship, though. See? Knicks sure was having a hard time in its history. Even so, it has been struggling to regain the former glory of its early years, since 2000 up until now.

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Knicks Opponents

carmelo anthony against 76ers

When we are talking about Knicks’ opponents, there are quite a lot of them.

Among the opponents it has been fought against so far, Knicks often has matches VS Boston Celtics from the same Atlantic Division, VS Brooklyn Nets from the same division too.

Against Chicago Bulls from the Central Division, VS Miami Heat from the Southeast Division, VS Cleveland Cavaliers from the Central Division.

Against Atlanta Hawks from the league’s Southeast Division, VS Los Angeles Lakers from the league’s Pacific Division, VS Wizards from the Southeast Division, and VS Orlando Magic from the Southeast Division too.

Other than that, there are still matches VS Golden State Warriors from the Pacific Division of the Western Conference as well as matches VS Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Toronto Raptors.

See? They are all the teams that have always been in a match against Knicks so far. The passionate rivalries often found in the matches between Knicks and Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers, or Chicago Bulls.

Many people would want to witness Knicks’ live game from the courtside. So, what about Knicks’ seasons then? Let’s see its previous seasons so far here.

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New York Knicks Seasons and Records

welcome to new york

New York Knicks’ upcoming 2015-16 season will be the 70th season of the franchise in the NBA. See? There sure have been so many seasons so far already.

The first season of this team was the 1946-47 season with 33 wins and 27 losses. The playoffs ended with a win in the quarterfinals against Cleveland Rebels with the score 2-1, but a loss in the semifinals against Philadelphia Warriors with the score 2-0.

Since then, there are many wins as well as losses experienced by this team. However, it still did offer amazing matches to see for it has always been trying to do so. Here are the last four seasons of Knicks.

2011-12 Season

The 2011-12 season ended up with 36 wins and 30 losses. It's playoff record showed that it lost first round to Miami Heat with the score 4-1.

2012-13 Season

The next one is the 2012-13 season that ended up with 54 wins and 28 losses. The playoff recorded that it won the first round against Boston Celtics with the score 4-2, but lost the conference semifinals against Indiana Pacers with the score 4-2.

2013-14 Season

Then, the 2013-14 season showed that it got 37 wins and 45 losses while the 2014-15 season ended up with 17 wins and 65 losses.

2014-15 Season

This year, New York Knicks NBA summer league was a success. Knicks’ matches were against San Antonio on July 11, 2015; L.A. Lakers on July 13, 2015; Philadelphia on July 14, 2015; Golden State on 16 July 2015; and Milwaukee Bucks on July 17, 2015. Among those matches, Knicks only lost to the Golden State.

New York Knicks All-Time Records

So far, Knicks’ regular season from 1946-2015 has brought it 2,669 wins and 2,724 losses. Meanwhile, the postseason one has brought it 185 wins and 188 losses. The all-time records show that Knicks has been grabbing 2,854 wins with 2,912 losses so far.

NY Knicks Schedule 2015 - 2016

season schedule

So, are you waiting for New York Knicks matches ahead? You don’t have to wait long for that.


There will be NBA Preseason: New York Knicks vs. Bauru on October 7, 2015, at the Madison Square Garden (MSG) which has always been Knicks’ home arena in New York, NY.

This upcoming season will end with the match of Indiana Pacers vs. New York Knicks at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN.

Date, Stadium, and Seating Chart

Of course, there are many matches waiting for you to watch along the way to the end of this season. So, what are you waiting for?

Here, at Main Event Specials, we have prepared the schedule including the date, stadium, and seating chart of each of those matches.

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