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When it comes to basketball matches, they would be so much fun to watch if what we choose are the games of professional teams, like the ones belong to National Basketball Association.

Among them, there is one worth to see. This team is known by the name Philadelphia 76ers.

If you have already been its fans, you must have wanted to get your hands on Philadelphia 76ers tickets as soon as possible for the new season that has started this year, right?

However, it would not be appropriate if we don’t know a thing or two about this team. So, let’s talk about it first here.

Philadelphia 76ers History

It has been a long time ago since Philly 76ers was first founded. Its history was started by an Italian immigrant by the name Daniel Biasone, who sent a check as much as $5,000 to Chicago’s National Basketball League offices.

It happened in 1946, and that was the time this team started to be known as the easternmost team in the Midwest-based league that was based in Syracuse.

At that time, this team went by the name Syracuse Nationals. At first, it was hard for it to get a winning record. Even in the second season, Nats found it hard to beat the opponents and made a win.

However, thanks to Al Cervi whom Nats signed as the coach and Dolph Schayes, who made his debut, this team finally made a winning record for the first time.

The Nats played good games in more than one playoff too and won the series as well. It was then in 1949; Nats was absorbed by BAA to form the NBA.

This team got an instant success in its early time there. Then, in 1963, Nats was purchased by Ike Richman, who moved it to Philadelphia.

It was that time that this name was changed into Philadelphia 76ers. It was shortened into Sixers, though.

Since that time, this team has experienced many wins and losses. There was even a time when it came to a downfall. It was during 1967 at that time.

However, it made its way back in 1976 due to the byproduct of the merger between ABA and NBA. It has passed many eras since that time now.

Philadelphia 76ers is one of the oldest franchises in NBA. It is also part of the teams that survive the first decade of the league.

In National Basketball Association, it plays in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. Brett Brown is its head coach now.

Sixers’ Rivalries

A team as professional as Philadelphia 76ers must have more than rivals, of course.

You can say that it is one of only some of the teams in National Basketball Association which can show great promise, thus making them an opponent to be aware of. Well, why not? It did survive in the first decade of the league after all.

Among all opponents it has so far, it seems there are three of them we can call as its rivals.

3 Main Rivals

1. Boston Celtics

First, there is Boston Celtics that belongs to the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference in National Basketball Association.

Sixers’ rivalry against Boston Celtics has been considered as the second greatest after Celtics VS Lakers.

2. New York Knicks

Second, there is also Sixers’ rivalry against New York Knicks, which belongs to the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference too.

This competition is said to have been started by the proximity of the two cities. Even so, the rivalry is not as fierce as the others, though.

3. LA Lakers

Third, Sixers also meets in various matches against Los Angeles Lakers too. It is the biggest rival for Sixers from Pacific Division of the Western Conference.

Sixers Regular Seasons

It has been 69 years already since Philadelphia Sixers was first founded. Within that much decades, Sixers has done many matches so far.

How about its regular seasons? Did you know? Regardless of the change of the name, the new season that has just started this year is the 77th Philadelphia Sixers season.

NBA Playoffs

It has made many appearances in the playoffs. It has also ever made its way to the NBA Finals. It has ever won more than one NBA championship too. Well, it is not as it has always been the winner, though. Let see the last three seasons here.

  • The 2012-13 season ended up with 34 wins and 48 losses.
  • The 2013-14 season ended up with 19 wins and 63 losses.
  • The 2014-15 season ended up with 18 wins and 64 losses.

To tell you the truth, it even got more loss than a win in the summer league in July and preseason in October this year.

The Achievements

Even so, if we talk about its achievement from the start until now, it has won 47 playoff berths, 11 division titles, and three conference titles in the regular season so far. It has even won 9 conference championships and 3 NBA championships in the playoff as well.

Although it has lost in the last few seasons and other kinds of the match this year, it does not mean that this team has got weak.

It is a regular thing for just any team to lose along the way. It even happens to the professional ones. Remember that Philadelphia 76ers have great achievements so far.

There is always a possibility for it to make its way to the finals again. Who knows it might happen this year? It is a team that is worth to cheer on. Will it win against Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, or other teams? You have to see it yourself.

76ers’ Newest Season

This year, there is the 2015-16 regular season of 76ers team. To tell you the truth, it has been started since November 2, 2015.


It was Philadelphia 76ers VS Cleveland Cavaliers in 76ers’ usual home arena. Where do the 76ers play usually? It is in Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA. This year, the season will end with Chicago Bulls VS Philadelphia 76ers on April 13, 2016.

Where will the stadium be? It will be in United Center, Chicago, IL. Did you get the ticket to watch 76ers’ single game in this season already? You must be looking forward to it.

Future Games

There will be many matches ahead, of course. There will be Philadelphia 76ers VS Miami Heat, VS Atlanta Hawks, VS Dallas Mavericks, VS Washington Wizards, VS Brooklyn Nets, VS Golden State Warriors, VS Houston Rockets, VS Milwaukee Bucks, VS Orlando Magic, VS San Antonio Spurs, etc.

Schedule & Seating Chart

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