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We are sure that you have ever heard and even known the story of Lion King already. It was a Disney animated film with the same title that appeared first back in 1994.

Ever since that time, it has always been a popular story for people of all ages. You see, this story has been made into a musical now.

So, if you want to watch how its animal kingdom storyline goes in a different way, you should watch the Lion King Musical.

This musical will give you something different while telling the story of that animated film. It will surely entertain and leave satisfaction on you.

Do you know if #TheLionKingMusical is one of the biggest and most beloved theater shows of all time.

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The Background of the Lion King Production

Before going more about the events of this musical, let’s know more about it through its background here.

Original Story

You know, this story originally came from a book written by Roger Allers and also Irene Mecchi. It was then animated in a film in 1994. Soon, it was decided that this animated film would be made into a musical.

The Musical Production

Some people involved in this musical production were Elton John, who handled the music, Tim Rice for the lyrics, Hans Zimmer for the musical score, Lebo M. for choral arrangements, and Julie Taymor for the one in charge of the play, meaning the director.


baby simba is born

The musical was made to feature actors in animal costumes and big puppets. It then made its debut at the Orpheum Theater in Minnesota on July 8, 1997.

The Lion King on Broadway Premiere

In the same year, it made its premiere on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theater, precisely on October 15. Since then, it has gone through many productions up until this very year.

Among them, there were some productions for the national tour like the one in Japan in 1999, U.S. in 2002 and 2003, and U.K. in 2012. Its popularity brought it to become the top-earning title in box-office history in 2014.

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Synopsis of the Story

Simba Family

The storyline of this musical started from when a newborn prince named Simba, the son of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi, was introduced to the gathered animals in the Pride Rocks.

Simba then grew into a young cub. The young Simba had a quite high curiosity of the area beyond the Pride Lands, which his father told not to go.

Provoked by his uncle Scar, who was always jealous of Mufasa, young Simba went there with his friend, Nala. Their life was in danger for there were many hyenas there. Mufasa came to their rescue and got mad at Simba.

Mufasa Death

One day, Scar plotted with the hyenas to kill both Mufasa and Simba so that he could get the throne. He told Mufasa that Simba was trapped among the stampede in a valley.

Mufasa managed to save Simba, but he was thrown off the cliff by Scar without Simba knowing. Simba knew his father’s death after the stampede was gone.

Timon and Pumbaa

Scar told him to run and leave Pride Lands, but Scar ordered the hyenas to kill him too. Even so, Simba managed to escape and finally met with Timon and Pumbaa. He then grew up into adulthood in the jungle with them.

Simba is Back

The kingdom was lacking foods and water under Scar’s rule. Nala, who had gone outside the Pride Lands, unexpectedly met Simba and asked him to come back.

Although he was not willing to do that at first because of his guilt over his father’s death, he still came back eventually. With everyone’s help, Simba was able to defeat Scar and the hyenas.

Since then, he was acknowledged as the true king of the Pride Lands. Soon, the land recovered under his rule, and he took Nala as his queen. At the end of the show, they were shown on the Pride Rock with their newborn cub.

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The Previous Live Shows

Lion on the field

Speaking about the shows of this musical, there were many of them that were already done in the previous months and years.

211 Tour

In 2011, it had ever been showed at the Rochester Broadway Theater League in New York and Mandala Bay Theater in Las Vegas.

2012 Tour

In 2012, it showed at Sarofim Hall in Houston.

2013 Tour

In 2013, it showed at Music Hall in Dallas, Orpheum Theater in San Francisco, and Benedum Center in Pittsburgh.

2014 Tour

In 2014, it appeared at Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Boston Opera House in Boston MA, Milwaukee Theater in Milwaukee WI, and Ohio Theater in Columbus.

There were still the ones at Fox Theater in Atlanta, Pantages Theater Hollywood in Los Angeles, Princess of Wales Theater in Toronto, and Place de Arts in Montreal.

2015 Tour

In 2015, it is performed at Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, the Kentucky Center in Louisville KY, Procter & Gamble Hall in Cincinnati, and Fort Lauderdale in MiamiFlorida.

Festival of the Lion King and Disney on Ice

Well, aside from the Broadway show, it was originally interpreted in the Festival of the Lion King in 2014 and was shown in Disney on Ice too. Other production also included the Lion King Jr. and the Lion King Kids as well.

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lion king musical show

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How Long is Lion King Theater Play

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