Cheap Tickets for Upcoming Live Music Concerts in Houston, Texas

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Cheap Tickets for Upcoming Live Music Concerts in Houston, Texas

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All countries in this world do have their music scene to offer. Even when the music might differ in language to each other, they learn and perform the same kinds of genres in their songs.

So, why not considering of watching live music in Houston then? Houston concerts are amazing, you know.

Many artists and bands are very talented in bringing live to the music in Houston. Of course, you can expect to see them all this year.

Concerts in Houston 2016 have all been prepared after all. All we need to do is to choose the events, buy the tickets, and go to attend them.

The City of Houston and Its Music

We are sure that you must have often heard the name of this city before. Yes, Houston is the most populous city in Texas.

Located in the Southeast TX just near the Gulf of Mexico to be exact, this city is also said to be the fourth most populous city in the United States.

No wonder the name of this city has been known around the world. For holiday vacation, this place should make an excellent choice.

There are many things to do there actually. Of course, it includes watching music plays live on stage in the city of Houston. This is something interesting you need to try. So, do you plan on doing that?

If not yet, we would recommend you to do so. Houston offers great entertainment for people, you see.

Many kinds of the concert, tour, etc. have been held there. Of course, you will not only get to see local artists and music groups.

You will be able to see national and international artists and groups making their appearance in Houston too.

This city has never been absent of music-related activities. It is a lively place for that. Even when the night comes, you can still get to see them in bars or clubs too.

Houston has everything you need to make your days livelier from day to day.

The Music-Related Events in Houston

Speaking about the music-related events in Houston, there are too many of them even to be counted. Let us tell you some of them here.

Well, among those shows, actually some kinds are held annually. H-Town Blues Festival is one example of it.

It is usually done in NRG Arena at Reliant Park. This year, this festival had been done in February with its pre-sale tickets sold since December 2015.

You can still expect this festival next year and even the years after that. Next, there is the so-called Woodlands Texas Concerts too in Houston.

This event will start soon in August this year. You can expect events, like Live Music Wednesdays, Bobby Martin Live at Genuwine Tasting Room, Rob Zombie, and still much more left to say.

Other than those concerts in Houston, there are also Spring Break Concerts held there too. Of course, they are the kinds held during Spring break that is from March 14 to March 18. During this time, there are all sorts of events held in Houston.

The concerts are just one kind among them. This year, this event happened exactly on March 16.

People got to see Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo in that event. Not to mention, it is the right event and time to save money on watching Houston Rodeo.

There was also the concert with Jake Owen at that time. You see, in Houston, there are concerts held during Summer too.

There are quite many of them. They include Summer Series at Jones Hall, ExxonMobil Summer Symphony Nights, Free Community Concerts, Day of Music, Houston Chronicle Dollar Concert, and even Symphony Summer Sweepstakes.

The Music Genres in Houston Music

As it was said earlier, even Houston has many genres of music going on in its music industry. You can find all sorts of genres played by all types of artists and music groups in the concerts in Houston.


From country genre, for example, there are artists and bands like The String Benders, Gunpowder Soup, Dave Welch, Alzane and Texas Trail, Run-In-Late Band, Larry Glass Band, Texas Twang, etc.


From religious genre, there are Christian rock bands and artists, like Ryan Kennedy Band, GenerationWorship, Calling Glory, etc.

Classic Rock

Let’s move on to other genres then. Well, from classic rock genre, there are Heated Frenzy, Rusted Reverb, BackBeat, The StringBenders, Gunpowder Soup, The Route 66 Band-Extreme Variety, Yelba’s Variety Band.


From jazz genre, there are Gary-Michael Dahl Band, Luxury Trio, Soiree Smooth Jazz Band, JazzDish, Bellaire Jazz, George Poe Band, Anthony Caceres Legacy Band, and still much more coming in.


From rock genre, there are Troublemaker (featuring Kat James), Danny Ray and the Acoustic, The Bourbon Street Band, etc.


There are still more genres here. From rap genre, there are Keito’s Pirate of the Caribbean Dancersteel Drum, Kurt Brunus, Last 2 Leave-Band, Stretta, Kai Alece & Company, etc.


From metal genre, there are Band Peterbilt, Danny Johnson Band, Anthem (Night Owl Production), Loveshack, Eric Sage’s Ultimate Rock Show, Sweet Cherry Pie, 80-DO, Secret Agents, etc.


From punk genre, there are Airwave 80s; I Am Spartacus, Rock Band Karaoke, Dynamite Band, The Replicas Music, R&B Motown Dance Band, and much more.

The Schedule and the Tickets for 2016 Concerts in Houston

We must say there are many happenings in this city area. Coming to Houston to watch major concerts 2016 would not be a bad idea at all.

If there were many interesting things in music industry happening in 2014 and 2015, there must be better things this year.

You can read the city events from Houston Press, but we are here to offer you with 2016 schedule too. Make sure to see our event calendar carefully.

There is time, dates, events, venues, cities, and seating chart provided too. We give you more detailed information so that you get the answers to your questions here.


Well, there are many kinds of music arena or stadium used. It includes The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, House of Blues, Toyota Center, The Ballroom at Warehouse Live, Brown Theater at Wortham Center, Htown Theatre, etc.

We have included all events, including the ones for tonight, today, tomorrow, this weekend, and so on.

Cheap Tickets

Of course, we are here to offer you cheap tickets for the upcoming concerts in Houston. We have experience in this, and you can make the safe purchase with us. You can believe in us for it. So, buy your tickets only here at Main Event Specials.