Upcoming Events & Live Music Concerts in San Diego, CA

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Upcoming Events & Live Music Concerts in San Diego, CA

San Diego concert

Have you ever been in San Diego, California? Or are you living there? Well, San Diego is indeed very well-known around the world.

Many tourists would want to spend their time long there. Well, even when there are many tourist attractions to expect there, you can always consider of visiting this city to watch its live music scene, you know.

San Diego is a popular live music downtown venue. For music enthusiasts, this is one place you have to go to no matter what.

San Diego’s music scene is a vibrant one. You will find many concerts in San Diego to see every year. So, let’s discuss it more here.

The City and the Music of San Diego

What do you know about the city of San Diego? Yes, it is one of the cities in California. To be exact, it is the second largest cities in Southern California, right after Los Angeles.

However, San Diego is said to be the most populous region in San Diego County with North County in the northern area of the county being the second-most populous one after it.

Speaking about its location, San Diego is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. It would be around 120 miles from the south of Los Angeles. You can find it right in the adjacent to the border with Mexico.

 While there are many interesting places to go in that city, you should not ignore how great San Diego’s music is.

Throughout the year, you will never find your days dull there without any music events or activities.

There are festivals and even street fairs to look forward too.

Of course, things like this are made to happen in San Diego. Local, national, and even international artists and bands will gather together and give you the best music performances ever in the city.

San Diego’s Music Events in Its Years

Music has come to existence since a long time ago. Of course, San Diego’s music has started so much far in the past too.

San Diego has always been a lively city when it comes to music. The music grows in all sorts of ways in this town. It can be influenced by all kinds of things too.

There is the so-called Casbah Day on January 14 which was decided so due to the existence of the Casbah venue which is known for hosting world-class and local artists and musicians.

In 2014, it was said that the Casbah celebrated its 25 years of operation, you see.

Besides it, there were many music events happening in San Diego during that year. Well, of course, it went the same in 2015 and 2016.

Did you know? There is even San Diego Music Scene Guidebook 2015 available now for just everyone.

Both locals and visitors can learn all about the music of this city from this guidebook. Isn’t it interesting? You will get to know more about concerts in San Diego this way.

Even in 2017, you can still expect many good things in its entertainment. The listings of this year’s plays have been prepared.

There even many of them that have been done too in the previous months. For example, there is San Diego Fair which includes as the county fair happened during summer on every June.

There are also free summer concerts often done in outdoor venues too.

Not to mention, Christian concerts are waiting for those who like religious music genre.

If you wish to get classic hip hop artists on CDs, vinyl, and apparel, you can be sure to get them in a record store called Access Music in San Diego too. This city is great.

San Diego’s Music Genres, Artists, and Bands

The list of concerts in San Diego this year has included many famous artists and bands from various music genres.

You will never have enough of them if it is in San Diego. Well, the bands in town will surely bring so much joy to you.

What are those bands anyway? Well, there are many of them categorized by their genres.


From country music genre, there are Urban Legend-Keith Urban Tribute Show, Del Rio, Savannah, Nitro Express, Grand Sonic Theory, Band Diego, Desperado, Republic of Music, Crosswinds, Heat Show Band, etc.


How about other genres then? Well, from jazz music, there are Alli & The Cats/Allegato World Jazz, Third Season Jazz, Soul Collective featuring Bradley Leighton, The Third Coast Jazz Band, Jazzique-Poised Elegance for Classy Events!, Firefly Jazz Quartet, etc.


San Diego concerts never run out music genre, you see. From rock music, there are JX3, Boomerang (Classic 50s, 60s, 70s Rock/Blues!), Broken Stems, Classic Buzz Band, The Midili Brothers Band, Rockgarden, Elton Tom, Sons of the King, Stone Horse, Jukebox, etc.


What’s more? From metal genre, there are Groove Factory, Eric Sage’s Ultimate Rock Show, BlackHat Patsy, Dynamite Band, Sweet Cherry Pie, Danny Johnson Band, Tribute Factory, Moon Coin Show Band, etc.


From reggae genre, there are Patrick J Burke, Broken Stems, Dano’s Island Sounds, Kalama Brothers, Subliminal Trip, The Comeunity Band, Panjive Steel Drum Band, Cuicani, Spirit of Oya R&B, Island Rhythms Production, etc.

Hip Hop

From hip hop genre, there are The Basix, Soulicious, True to Life, California Corporate Stars, etc.

The Schedule and Tickets of Concerts in San Diego

The upcoming events have been added to our concert calendar here at Main Event Specials. We get you all covered with all information needed for the shows.

The information includes concert dates, time, events, venues, cities, and seating chart.


There are all sorts of venues used too. Nowadays, the even theater where you can see box office can be used as concert venue too. It goes the same with the park in San Diego.

Well, among the venues, there are Humphreys by the Bay, House of Blues, Cal Coast the Credit Union Open Air Theatre, etc.

2017 Schedule

This year’s current events and concert series can be seen in our schedule easily. It covers what happens today, tonight, tomorrow, this weekend, and so on.

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