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Cheap Tickets for Concerts in Washington DC

Washington DC concert

Everywhere you live, and everywhere you go to, you would find music scene all around. Well, music has been part of people’s life after all.

It would be easy to find it just everywhere. If you are looking for brimming music scene to see, you should have gone to Washington DC.

Concerts in DC have always been full of life. You will never experience boring days in that city, and you get all kinds of music to listen to.

Even this year, there is a bunch of Washington DC concerts waiting for you to choose in the schedule. If you plan on watching them, you have come to the right place here.

Washington DC and Its Brimming Music

Who hasn't heard of Washington in the District of Columbia anyway? It is a very well-known city for it is the capital of the United States.

Did you know? Washington has a combined statistical area with Baltimore which consists of overlapping labor market region.

It is officially called Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area with the region having included Central Maryland, Northern Virginia, three countries of Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, and one county in South Central Pennsylvania.

There are many principal cities included. If you might want to remember them, we will tell you some.

They are Washington DC, Arlington VA, Alexandria VA, Baltimore MD, Bethesda MD, Columbia MD, Rockville MD, Silver Spring MD, Fairfax VA, Waynesboro PA, etc.

Speaking about the music in Washington, there are many things we can compliment about it. Even local artists and bands are doing their job very well in performing for live music.

There are Teen Suicide, Hello Dharma, The Galaxy Electric, Dear Creek, and still many more of them. Well, Washington has never been the absence of music after all. You have many to expect.

Washington DC and Its Music Events So Far

Music in metro DC includes all sorts of things, like concerts, operas, classical, musicals, symphony, recitals, pop, rock, country, and much more.

There are too many of them to even mention one by one here. However, this proves enough that Washington has never been out of music events.

There are even various venues used for such event, you know. They can be theaters, halls, etc.

Did you know? There is even venue called Bohemian Caverns which is said to be the best venue of the year in D.C.’s jazz scene in 2014. Isn’t it great?

Furthermore, you know that there are many kinds of singer and band in Washington. However, there are not mere people and groups in the music industry.

They are all very talented in their skill. The DC-based bi-lingual folk-rock Indie-Latin mash up Elena & Los Fulanos for example has been nominated for a 2015 WAMMIE (Washington Area Music Award).

Washington artists are amazing, indeed. We can expect no less of them. No wonder, we can always get to see great concerts in DC from them. The shows there are the best.

In 2016, there are still many upcoming events you can expect to see. For example, there is Strathmore Free Summer Outdoor Concerts from July 6 to August 24, Free Summer Concerts at Lubber Run Amphitheater on September 18, and much more.

There will even be gospel concerts, like Wavelength A Capella, Shapenote Singing, and Quattro MacJaz around August too.

See? There sure are many concerts coming to DC. Watching the plays in all sorts of concert venues there will be quite a memorable moment to remember.

Music Genres, Singers, and Bands in DC

Washington is a city rich in entertainment. You can find concerts in DC with various music genres. So, you can choose the kind of genres in music you want to listen to.


Let’s start with country music here. Well, the singers and bands that offer such genre in DC are Lonesome Ryder Band, Backroads Band, One More Rodeo, Billy and Bob Classic Country Show, DC Cowboy, Stealing the Deal, Doc Reed/Rick Hudson, etc.


As from jazz in DC, there are Potomac Jazz Project, Decades Band, Bags Howard, Taimoor-Band, Accidental Red, etc.


Well, of course, those are not the only music genres in DC. There is still punk music genre too. From it, there are singers and bands in DC, like 3 Shades of Blue, Dread Beat Dadz, Secret Service, Rock Band Karaoke, Loveshack, Dynamite Band, The Replicas Music, R&B Motown Dance Band, and much more.


How about reggae music genre then? Do we get lots of choices too? Of course, we do. From this genre, there are Proverbs Rootz Rock Reggae Band, Steve Scott, Oasis Island Sounds, CAISO SteelBand, Steel Fusion, King Comfy, etc.


There are still more to tell here, you know. From rock music genre, there are Gary and the Groove, Earls of Kent, Engine14, Eclipse a Journey Tribute, Top Self Rock Band, The Billy Hedrick Band, Josh Allen Band, Rockin’ Pneumonia, etc.


As from R&B genre, there are The Blue Tips Rhythm Revue, The Westband, N2N, Blaq Orpheus, Jazz Synergy, The Guy Jenkins Band, The W.E.N.D.Y Project, A Real Band, Setoria, Mutual Fun Band, etc.

Of course, there are still many more genres left to tell here that you can listen to Washington music from.

Schedule and Tickets for Concerts in DC

From the discussion above, you should have understood why Washington DC has a brimming music life.

If you are interested in watching the events live, you should take a look at our event calendar here at Main Event Specials. We have everything covered there, including events in metro DC area.

From the calendar, you see that there are all sorts of venues there. There are Black Cat, 9:30 Club, Echostage, Kennedy Center Eisenhower Theater, Rams Head on Stage, etc.

Are you interested in watching live music in one of those venues? Indeed, each venue has its good things to offer too.

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