Find Upcoming Live Music Concerts in Atlanta, GA 2016

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Find Upcoming Live Music Concerts in Atlanta

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Many people have taken a liking to music since a long time ago. Music has grown and can now be categorized in more than one genre.

Looking at how many music stars are nowadays, many countries around the world have been hosting many concerts performed by them. Concerts in Atlanta are something that you need to see.

Atlanta is a great live music scene and the concerts there have always been dynamic ones. They are worth to expect for since they performed by many famous singers in the music world. Let’s talk a bit more about Atlanta here.

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The Dynamic Metropolis-Atlanta

You should have known that Atlanta is a metropolitan area. Not to mention, it is the thirty-third largest city in the US.

If you go there for vacation, it is a great place to visit. You will be tight on schedule to explore many places around Atlanta.

It is guaranteed to be the kind of places where you can spend your time day and night with so much fun. A great part of that fun contributed by the live and classical music scene of Atlanta itself.

Being the capital city in the state of Georgia, Atlanta GA becomes one of the cores of the metropolitan areas in the United States with the fastest growth.

Atlanta is also one of the cities in that state that becomes the central part of top business and transportation.

There, you should be able to find the world biggest companies headquarters, like Coca-Cola Company, Delta Air Lines, and AT&T Mobility.

Visiting Atlanta would be a great experience you will ever feel. Of course, you won’t be able to forget its dynamic live music events as well with many famous names of a star in the entertainment world performing on the stage for you.

Seeing them on the world-renowned Fox Theater will be another thing you will never forget too.

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The Live Music Scene in Atlanta, GA

It has been said earlier that Atlanta is known for being the dynamic metropolitan area in GA. It is no wonder that even its music scene is also a dynamic one.

Not to mention, Atlanta is also part of cities around the world that play an important role in shaping modern music direction.

There have been many concerts performed by many talented performers in almost all genres in Atlanta after all.

2012 Concerts

In 2012, there had been Kiss Live Concerts, Lauryn Hill Live Concerts, and still many others.

2014 Concerts

In 2014, even famous bands like One Direction, Garth Brooks, etc. had ever performed there too.

Of course, you can still expect them to perform again in the future events in Atlanta.

Top Atlanta Concerts

So far, the top Atlanta concerts are the ones performed by Luke Bryan, Chris Cornell, Dead and Company, Don Henley, Florida Georgia Line, Foo Fighters, Janet Jackson, Jackson Browne, Juan Gabriel, Marc Anthony, Madonna, Mark Knopfler, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Tim McGraw, Twenty One Pilots and also Zac Brown Band.

There is quite a bunch of them, indeed. However, this is just what is expected from the metropolitan city with the dynamic live music scene.

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Upcoming Atlanta Concerts 2015

Are you getting ready for the Atlanta concerts 2015? Well, the upcoming events are just in the corner. There will even be one happening tonight, in this very day. So, what genre do you expect to hear in those concerts?

Rap/Hip Hop

Rap/hip hop will start on October 8 until December 18, 2015. The events include 2 Chainz, Andy Mineo, Big KRIT, Chance the Rapper, Classic Hip Hop, etc.


R&B will start on September 19 until December 4, 2015. The events are performed by Allen Stone, Charlie Wilson, Eric Roberson, Erica Campbell, Four Tops, Jodeci, Kem, Kindred the Family Soul, Mary J Blige, etc.


Rock concerts will be from September 25, 2015 until October 28, 2016. The events include A Silent Film, Alcest, Amaranthe, August Burns Red, Battle of the Bands, Battles, Between the Buried and Me, Billy Gibbons, Blue Oyster Cult, Brandi Carlile, Chris Cornell, etc.

Blues and Jazz

Blues and Jazz will start on September 26, 2015 until February 27, 2016. The events are the ones performed by Boney James, Dave Koz, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dianne Reeves, Joe Bonamassa, Perpetual Groove, and Shemekia Copeland.

Is that all? How about metal concerts then? Sure, you will get such concert too there.

Hard Rock and Metal

Hard rock/metal concerts will start from September 30, 2015 until February 18, 2016. The events are Blind Guardian, Carnifex, Deafheaven, Enforcer, For Today, Issues, King Diamond, etc. For more categories, you can look at our show list.

Music Venues

As for the venue, there have been countless of it that has been used so far and will still be in the future.

Among them, there are Chastain Park, Amphitheatre, Columbus Civic Center, Georgia Dome, Center Stage Atlanta, Classic Center Theater, etc. There was even outdoor one that is Atlanta Botanical Garden for Concerts in the Garden on June 13, 2015.

The Schedule and the Tickets

With many shows coming up, there are many chances for you to come to at least one of them. Coming to Atlanta is worth to do if you want to enjoy its music performances.

Concert Calendar

This weekend, there will be Charlie Wilson, Burn Halo, and Erica Campbell concerts. You can see the venues, the dates, and the time in our show list and calendar.

Country Concerts

Looking for upcoming country concerts in April, May, or other specific months in Atlanta? We, here at Main Event Specials have covered it all for you.

Get yourself summer concerts too through us on our website. Who knows that there is one or two that will take place just near where you live now in Atlanta? Well, we don’t provide the information about the concerts only.

Cheap Tickets

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