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Kanye West Tour Dates 2016 & Concert Tickets

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Have you heard the name of Kanye West before? We are sure that you must have heard about him.

Yes, Kanye West is a famous American rapper. He has been producing lots of songs and albums as well as performing lots of concerts and tours.

This year, Kanye West will be doing his tour too. It will cover many concerts in many venues and cities.

Presale tickets have been on sale already. If you don’t want to miss Kanye West tour this year, you should buy them as soon as possible. But, let’s talk more about this rapper and its tours here.

Kanye Omari West-the American Rapper

Let’s start by knowing some things about this American rapper here. Kanye Omari West was born on June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia.

After his parents had divorced, he moved to Chicago, Illinois with his mother. It's said that West first showed his interest in poetry when he was just five years old and passion in drawing and music when he was in the third grade.

At the age of 13, he wrote a rap song and persuaded his mother to pay for his recording. At the age of 20, he decided to drop out of college to pursue his dreams in music.

And so, he becomes Kanye West that you know today. So, how much do you think his albums so far? Well, there are many of them, of course. Let us list you them here.

  • The Collage Dropout – Released in 2004
  • Late Registration – Released in 2005
  • Graduation – Released in 2007
  • 808s & Heartbreak – Released in 2008
  • My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Released in 2010
  • Watch the Throne – Released in 2011
  • Yeezus – Released in 2013
  • The Life of Pablo – Released in 2016

West performed 808s & Heartbreak at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles (LA) in 2015. In the same year, West made the show at Warfield, San Francisco, and Summer Ends Music Festival in Tempe, Arizona.

West’s Watch the Throne Tour with JAY-Z

Don’t you want to know about West’s tours this time? So far, Kanye West has been doing 63 tours in total.

The first three tours are Touch The Sky Tour in 2005, Glow in the Dark Tour in 2008, and Fame Kills: Starring Kanye West and Lady Gaga in 2009-2010 (though it was canceled for some reasons).

The next tour coming after that was Watch the Throne Tour. The tour started on October 29, 2011 and finished on June 22, 2012. There are 63 shows in total in this tour. His live shows were done in the cities around North America and Europe.

In this Kanye West tour, Rihanna became the special guest and made her performance on May 20, 2012 in London.

For North American, they were excited for the tour to happen around U.S. and Canada.

Along with Rihanna and Kanye West tour in Europe, the tour was planned in countries, like England, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, and Netherlands.

Well, of course, there can be more than one city performed in each country. After all, West played 63 shows in total in this tour.

Kanye West’s The Yeezus Tour in 2013-14

After that fourth tour of Kanye West above, the one coming after that is The Yeezus Tour.

Did you know? Yeezus Tour is West’s first solo concert tour in 5 years. The tour started on October 19, 2013 and ended on September 15, 2014.

It was another great tour success of Kanye West for it is said to have the second-highest grossing leg of a tour during 2013.

We can expect no less from this famous American rapper. Yes, the associated album for this tour was Yeezus and the tour had 53 shows done around North America and Australia.

The United States in North America

The cities chosen are Seattle, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, New York City, New Orleans, Phoenix, Baltimore, Atlantic City, etc.


The cities were chosen are Toronto, Montreal, and Hamilton.


There are Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

West is such a great performer. He can bring his tours live. Everyone would always look forward to Kanye West tour one after the other. So, when is Kanye West going on tour after this tour here?

Kanye West’s Upcoming Saint Pablo Tour

Let’s move on to the next tour in this review. Although there was no tour in 2015, this year West has planned on doing the so-called Saint Pablo Tour.

It will start on August 25 and end on November 1, 2016. The number of shows is 39 and the Life of Pablo album has been chosen as the tour’s associated album.

This tour will only be done in various cities in the United States and Canada, North America.

You have lots of events in the upcoming concerts to choose. So, you better be ready to look through the event calendar as soon as possible.

Venues and Cities

Let us tell you some venues and the cities on the upcoming tour.

Well, there will be shows at Madison Square Garden (MSG) in NYC, Philips Arena in Atlanta, TD Garden in Boston,United Center in Chicago, American Airlines Arena in Miami, T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, American Airlines Center in Dallas, Air Canada Centre in Toronto, KeyArena in Seattle, Verizon Center in Washington D.C., and still many more.

See? There are many interesting places where the tour will be happening in. We are sure you must feel eager to watch it already.

Kanye West Tour Dates and Tickets

Yes, Kanye West’s new tour is just around the corner already. We have to be prepared with tickets in our hands.

Concert Schedule

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