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1D on the road again tour 2015

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So, if you ask about One Direction tour, we are just the right place you can choose. Who would miss a chance to see that boy band live on the stage anyway? This band has always been able to blow you away with their captivating show.

The Boy Band Background

one direction complete members

You should have known that One Direction is a group band of five men. At first, each of them joined an audition of a singing competition called The X Factor as solo candidates in 2010.

Although they failed to the progress, they were qualified as a five-piece boy band in the “Groups” category. Seeing this, Simon Cowell recognized their talent and eventually came up with an idea to form a band of them, performing in the entertainment world with the name One Direction.

This band consists of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. Well, they might not win The X Factor competition at that time. However, their talent has brought them to the top of the music world as parts of the biggest stars in the whole world.

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Together, they become the top-grossing acts in the world of music. Even though it is an immediately formed band, they do work seriously to bring their artistic voice through their songs.

That is why their performances are top-notch ones. Soon, One Direction becomes a leading player in the pop scene. They always bring wildly fun and cool air to each of their performances. Not to mention, they have always performed with sky-high energy level.

There might have been a rumor about them taking a break from touring in 2016, nowadays. Regardless of the truth, it is still all the more reason for you not to miss this year tour. Let’s talk more about their previous tours first here.

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The Previous Three Concert Tours

There are four concert tours of One Direction so far if you count the one in this year too. Since it is a tour we are talking about here, there are many concerts that have been done by this band of cool and talented men.

Seeing them perform on the stage is a chance that might not come by easily. They have many fans around the world after all. Surely, it is not that easy to obtain the tickets to watch them, especially when you take your time too long just to think about it.

Up All Night Tour 2011 - 2012

1d brisbane

One Direction’s first concert tour was called Up All Night Tour. It was done from December 18, 2011 to July 1, 2012. There were 53 shows; 23 in Europe, 5 in Oceania, and 25 in North America. This tour was associated with Up All Night album. Yes, the setlist of this tour was the songs of that very first album.

The countries visited were like England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, USA, etc. There was one rescheduled show at that time on May 28, 2012 though, in which the show formerly scheduled at Tower Theater, Upper Darby was moved to Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ.

Take Me Home Tour 2013

One Direction Vancouver

The next tour was the one called Take Me Home Tour. Started from February 23, 2013 to November 3, 2013, this second tour had its shows 123 in total. It consists of 41 shows in North America, 56 in Europe, 24 in Oceania, and 2 in Asia.

Sure, there were all sorts of cities visited by One Direction in this tour like shows in Dallas TX, Washington DC, concerts in Atlanta, Houston, Nashville, Seattle, Los Angeles concerts, San Jose California, Las Vegas concerts, Miami, US, and others in Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, etc. There were many venues used, including Comcast Center, Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Bell Centre, etc.

Where We Are Tour 2014

1D announce 2015 tour

Then, the last concert tour before this year was Where We Are Tour that was started from April 25, 2014 to October 5, 2014. One Direction performed 69 shows in total with 28 European shows, 31 North American shows, and 10 South American shows.

The cities included were Charlotte NC, Tampa, New Orleans, El Paso, Tulsa, St Louis, San Antonio, etc. The venues used were like Rose Bowl, Gillette Stadium, Ford Field, Soldier Field, San Siro Stadium, etc. There were opening acts too, such as from El Freaky, Sonus, 5 Seconds of Summer, etc.

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One Direction On The Road Again Tour 2015

OTRA Tour with 4 members of 1D

So, what and when is the next concert tour of One Direction? It is none other than On the Road Again Tour with an associated album of Four.

Upcoming Events

It has started from February 7, 2015. How long will it be? You don’t have to worry about you still have the length of time to see them until October 31, 2015 as long as you can grab your ticket as soon as possible.


OTRA tour includes cities like concerts in Chicago, in Boston, Kansas City, Baltimore, Detroit, San Diego, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Buffalo, Columbus Ohio, Pittsburgh, Johannesburg, etc.


The venues and the dates chosen are like Suncorp Stadium February 11, Rajamangala Stadium March 14, Qualcomm Stadium July 9, Levi’s Stadium July 11, Lincoln Financial Field September 1, etc.

Sure, there are lots of cities, venues, and dates for this world tour other than that. Now then, does this review convince you enough to make you buy the ticket now? Seeing One Direction performs in concert will be one amazing experience you will ever feel and see.

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One Direction Tour Dates and Tickets

4 one direction members at stage

We have mentioned some of the cities visited and venues used for One Direction’s 2015 tour. However, if you want to see it more in arranged way, we have the schedule here at Main Event Specials for each date.

It contains the exact information, like the time and the location of the show. Sure, we are where you can buy the ticket to watch their tour. We do have good deals and packages you can consider.

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