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Schedule For Upcoming Concerts in Boston

Rolling Stones In Concert - Boston, MA

There are just many cities in the United States where you can visit on vacation. If you ever go there, let us remind you that you will have a lot of fun seeing the live music there.

Since there are many amazing cities with great music to enjoy, let us suggest you with one that will give you the excitement to the fullest.

Yes, as it was hinted in the title above, we are talking about concerts in Boston here. Boston is a great destination, you know.

You will be surprised at how the music can be so exciting there. We will provide reviews of it here, but let’s start with the city first below.

The City of Boston

There are many things to talk about when it comes to a city like Boston. Based on its history, Boston, Massachusetts was founded by Puritan people from England in 1630.

To be exact, it was founded on the Shawmut Peninsula. This city becomes a crucial port, manufacturing hub, and education and culture center upon the independence of America from Great Britain.

Of course, Boston’s area has expanded more than how it was in its original peninsula. Nowadays, the city covers about 48 square miles. In 2014, its population had reached for about 655,884.

With that latest estimation, Boston has been known as the largest city in New England. It is also known for being the country’s tenth-largest metropolitan area too. Its economy includes finance, professional and business services, and government activities.

Since it has a large area, it is only right to expect many attractions, resorts, etc. if you ever want to visit Boston. It is also a city that becomes the world leader in innovation.

This is what makes it more interesting, right? It is rich in history, and you can also expect the same in the music of Boston.

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Live Music of Boston

Coming to Boston would be an unforgettable thing for you. Boston sure is capable of presenting and offering many and various attractions. Of course, it includes its music events as well.

Being one of the historic cities has proven enough that this highly cultured city has a rich tradition in music for many centuries already.

The Music History

In 1881, Boston Symphony Orchestra was founded and began to perform in various venues in Boston. After more than one century has passed since then, music genre has been showing its development up until now and will likely be toward the future.

Many artists from the city had given a significant contribution to rock music at first. As the time goes, other music genres have become pretty popular as well. That is why you can just find almost all genres in the music of Boston.

Concert Venues

Did you know if Boston is the home of some tremendous venues. They include the House of Blues, Orpheum Theater, Wilbur Theater, and TD Garden.

For the other venues, there are Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Royale Boston, Blue Ocean Music Hall, etc.

If it is in one of those massive venues, Boston has always been bringing biggest tours there. That is why there is a great chance to see your favorite artists on tour, live on the stage in Boston.

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The Upcoming Concerts in Boston, MA

Have you been prepared to see Boston’s upcoming shows in 2015? So, whose show do you expect to see?

Top Boston Concerts 2015

Today, the top Boston concerts are Brad Paisley, Dead and Company, Ed Sheeran, Halsey, II Volo, Janet Jackson World Tour Concert, Joe Walsh, Josh Groban, Madonna, Marc Anthony, Mark Knopfler, Motley Crue, Odesza, Puscifer, Ringo Starr and His All-Starr, Band, Shania Twain, the 1975, the Tenors, the Weeknd, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

If you are interested to see one of those concerts, you can check out your favorite ones in our calendar. Who knows they perform this year too? Let me tell you some of the concerts based on their genre here.

Rap / Hip Hop

Rap/hip hop will start on October 15 till December 17, 2015. The concerts are Big Freedia, Chance the Rapper, Cypress Hill, Emancipator Ensemble, Fetty Wap, Mac Miller, Marc Broussard, etc.

World Music

World music will start on October 10, 2015 till June 28, 2016. The concerts are Celtic Woman, Johnny Clegg Band, Shahkar Bineshpajooh, Toto la Momposina, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.


Rock will start on September 27, 2015 till April 17, 2016. The concerts are A Silent Film, Amaranthe, AndersonPonty Band, Anthony Green, etc.


Jazz will start on October 1, 2015 till April 12, 2016. The concerts are Abdullah Ibrahim, Acoustic Alchemy, Al Di Meola, Buddy Guy, etc.


Metal will start on September 26 till December 17, 2015. The concerts are All that Remains, Black Dahlia Murder, Clutch, Deafheaven, etc.

Reggae, Music Festival and Classical

Of course, there are still many categories left to tell, like reggae, music festivals, classical, etc.

Looking for Boston Pops or other concerts? You should have taken a look at our show list. We have all covered for you.

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Boston Concert Schedule and Tickets

What can we expect from this weekend? There will be 2015 Boston Calling Music Festival, Frank Turner, Madonna, and Alkistis Protopsalti.

The Concert Calendar

We will soon leave summer, but we still have outdoor concerts in fall soon. Aside from that, whether the concerts are in May, July, November, or other months, you still have many chances left to see your favorite artists on stage, from this day onwards to the next year in 2016.

There is even one that will be happening tonight. So, see our schedule to get the best one for you. We have the dates, the time, the places, etc. included. Who knows that one of them might be just near you?

Furthermore, it is not so common to see big stars live on stage. That is why you shouldn’t let your chance to see them get away.

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