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Who would say that they don’t know who Taylor Swift is? All music lovers should have been familiar with that name. Yes, Taylor Swift can be considered as the biggest and most popular pop star in the whole world. Tickets have always been sold out pretty quickly when it comes to any of her concert.

All people are looking forward to her world tour too, especially her latest world tour and latest album, 1989. If you are interested in knowing her upcoming events, we have what you need to know here in Main Event Specials.

The Background

taylor swift with her guitar

Did you know that she starts her career when she was just teenager? For the sake of breaking into the country music scene, she decided to move to Nashville. 14 year-old Taylor Swift has started working on the hit songs we still often hear nowadays, like “Teardrops on My Guitar”, etc. 16-year old Taylor Swift has begun performing in front of public.

After the release of one hit album, she decided to do tours around the world. There are Fearless Tour in 2009-2010, Speak Now World Tour in 2011-2012, the Red Tour in 2013-2014, and the 1989 World Tour in 2015.

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Taylor Swift in Concert

Taylor Swift smile on her concert

Taylor Swift’s live shows have always been crowded and full-of-cheering show. Her shows have always been electrifying, wildly entertaining, and dynamic even up until now when she has turned 25. She is a prodigy. This is what people have always thought of her talent as singer and song writer.

If you have seen even one performance of her, you will think the same. With her three albums sold over one million sales in the first week, she becomes the first female artist to reach such accomplishment. Let’s see her world tour concerts here.

Fearless Tour 2009 - 2010

fearless tour 2009

Taylor Swift’s world tour concert starts with Fearless Tour in 2009-2010. Actually, even before her tour launch, she played several shows and dates in UK and Australia. In this debut tour, she performed up to 122 shows. 7 shows were done in Australia, 1 in Asia, 6 in Europe, and 108 in North America.

The cities included are Evansville, London, Seattle, Twin Lakes, Columbus (Ohio), Boston (Massachusetts), Kansas City, NYC, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Sydney, Tampa, Denver, Houston, etc. Various venues were used for this tour. Among them, her concert in Los Angeles (LA) was held at Staples Center.

Speak Now World Tour 2011 - 2012

Speak Now World Tour Omaha Nebraska

After the success of her debut tour concert, she made another accomplishment in her Speak Now World Tour in 2011-2012 with 110 shows in total done around the world. 7 shows were done in Asia, 11 in Europe, 80 in North America, and 12 in Oceania.

Here are some cities to mention. They are Singapore, Tokyo, New York, Indianapolis, Cleveland, St. Louis, Charlotte NC, Raleigh, Dallas TX, etc. Some cities are the same ones where Fearless Tour was held. It goes the same with the concert venue. In Pittsburgh, USA, this concert was held at the Heinz Field.

Red Tour 2013 - 2014

red tour opening

In 2013-2014, there was the Red Tour which was just as amazing as the previous tours. No, it was even greater than the Speak Now during the previous two years. In this concert, Taylor Swift played 86 shows; 7 in Asia, 6 in Europe, 66 in North America, and 7 in Oceania.

The cities chosen for her show are Newark, Miami, Atlanta, Cleveland, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Diego, Orlando, Sacramento, Portland, Tacoma, Berlin, Shanghai, Jakarta, Manila, etc. With that much cities the show was held, there is no telling how much are the exact gross earnings obtained.

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The 1989 Tour Dates

1989 tour 2015-2016

The latest world tour concert is very highly anticipated by many people nowadays. If the Red Tour is greater, the 1989 World Tour might even be the greatest. It has started since May 5, 2015 and will end later on December 12, 2015.

There will be 83 shows in total; 6 in Asia, 8 in Europe, 63 in North America, and 6 in Oceania. If you want us to mention the city, here are some of them. They are Tokyo, concerts in Las Vegas, Baton Rouge, Detroit, Amsterdam, Dublin, Fargo, St. Paul, Des Moines, Brisbane, Louisville KY, Salt Lake City (Utah), etc.

Is there any Taylor Swift concert in Phoenix, Arizona then? It seems that Taylor Swift tour this time won’t be held there. Even so, she has announced there that there will still be two tour dates in Arizona. They will be on August 17-18. Those two tour concerts will be held at Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona instead.

How about the venue? There is not that much change, but they are not always the same either. Taylor Swift concert tour in Detroit might be held in the Palace of Auburn Hills in her first debut concert tour, but this time it will be held in the Ford Field.

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Taylor Swift Tickets & Upcoming Events

taylor live show

Although the 1989 World Tour has started almost two months already, there are still many Taylor Swift concerts to expect in the near future. Take a better look at the schedule in main event entertainment website. The nearest concert will be on June 27 in Hyde Park, London, UK.

If you are living in Ottawa, ON, Canada, you can expect the nearest upcoming concert on July 6 at Canadian Tire Centre. It is followed with the one on July 7 at Bell Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada. Next, it will be on 10-11 July at MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, US. Take your chance to meet and greet her!

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