Upcoming Live Music Concerts in Los Angeles 2016

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Upcoming Live Music Concerts in Los Angeles

summer concert in LA

No one would doubt that there are many exciting cities to visit in the United States. So, what do you think about visiting the second largest city in the US? Being the largest, it also means that there will be likely many attractions you can expect to enjoy if you ever want to go there.

What is this city anyway? Yes, we are talking about Los Angeles here. Among those attractions, concerts in Los Angeles are worth to see.

This city is known for being the entertainment capital of the world. Not to mention, it is the home base of Hollywood. So, you can have high expectations towards this city.

The City of Los Angeles

Let’s talk a bit about this city here. So, what do you know so far about it? If you don’t know that much about the city of Los Angeles, let’s start from when the history began then.


Back in 1542, Los Angeles was claimed first by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo for Spain. However, it was then officially founded by the governor of Spain, Felipe de Neve. To be exact, it was on September 4, 1781 at that time.

Then, in 1821, it became part of Mexico. As part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Los Angeles was purchased and has become part of United States since that time.

Los Angeles Today

These days, Los Angeles is known for being a global city with a diverse economy. Its economy includes entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology, education, medicine, and research.

As it was said earlier too, this city is the home base of Hollywood. Because of that, Los Angeles leads the world in the creation of various things. They include television productions, video games, and recorded music.

That is why you can expect good things from the music of Los Angeles that can be heard through the Los Angeles concerts in every year.

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The Live Music of Los Angeles

From the history of Los Angeles above, you should have been able to imagine how the music of Los Angeles is. Did you know many of the most innovative and influential acts in music industry come from Los Angeles?

Music Legends

It still continues to produce talented stars. Even rock legends, like Motley Crue and industry giants, like Maroon 5 come from this city.

As for the music genre, you can find all of them in Los Angeles. This is quite something, isn’t it? Many concerts have been going on in this city since a long time ago till present time. Of course, many big stars perform there too.

Taylor Swift has included Bossier City in Louisiana as part of her 1989 world tour. You can always expect the same to happen in Los Angeles.

Summer Concerts

If you happen to be in there in summer, don’t forget to see its free outdoor concerts in the downtown area. In 2014, there was exciting Twilight Concert to mark the 50th anniversary of summer concert series. Well, summer concert is an annual one, so you can have your chance in every year.

Winter Concert

Even winter concert at Lafayette Park is the same. So, do you want to know what you can get this year? If so, let’s see here below.

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The Upcoming Concerts in Los Angeles

If you are a real music enthusiast, you must have wanted to know the upcoming events in Los Angeles this year.

Top LA Concerts

The top LA concerts so far are AC/DC, BigBang, Black Sabbath, Dead and Company, Jimmy Buffett, Janet Jackson performance, Juan Gabriel, Josh Groban, Luke Bryan,Kanye West, Marc Anthony, Madonna, the Weeknd, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Theresa Caputo, Van Halen, and also Twenty One Pilots.

If you look at our concert calendar, you might be able to find them in one, two, or more concerts this year. The concert goes till the next year anyway, so there are many shows waiting for you up ahead. Let me tell you some of them based on their genres here.

Rap/Hip Hop

Rap/hip hop concerts start from September 26, 2015 to January 29, 2016. The concerts are BadBadNotGood, Big KRIT, Big Sean, Boots, Chance the Rapper, Daddy Yankee, Hopsin, J Boog, etc.

Classical Music

Classical music concerts start from September 29, 2015 to June 18, 2016. The concerts are 2Cellos, Academy of St Martin, American Youth Symphony, Andras Schiff, Andre Watts, Arturo O’Farrill, Australian Chamber Orchestra, etc.


Jazz concerts start from October 2, 2015 to May 14, 2016. The concerts are Al Jarreau, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, etc.


Metal concerts start from September 28, 2015 to March 17, 2016. The concerts are Awolnation, Black Sabbath, etc.

Other Genres (R&B, Country, Reggeae)

Of course, there are still many other genres than that, like reggae, R&B, country, etc.


As for the venues, they are just as interesting as Shreveport Municipal Memorial Auditorium in Louisiana. Even if Gibson Amphitheater was closed and demolished in 2013, there are still many others left, as Walt Disney Hall CA, Los Angeles County Fair, Cerritos Center, etc.

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The Schedule and the Tickets

Did you want to know what you can look forward to this weekend? In the end of this week, there will be Heart of Persia Festival feat Ghomayshi, Brandon Flowers, Death Cab for Cutie, and still many others.

Los Angeles Concert Calendar

See our schedule to check out what will be coming up in the future days. Are you looking for the ones in July, August, November, December, or other months? We have all months included in the show list. You will be able to find weekly, live music concerts there too.

Of course, there will be one even for tonight, tomorrow, and the days after that. In 2015, you will be able to feel full excitement when seeing the singers on stage directly.

Buy Your Cheap Concert Tickets

If you are interested to feel such excitement, you can choose one or two concerts from the show list. You shouldn’t have missed them, especially if they happen just near you.

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